Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sixty-Four Today

Was there ▲ I never listen to the Talking Heads any more because I can hear any song I want any time I want in my head, so much were they on my daily soundtrack for a decade. Only other band I saw more live was the Dead - and perhaps Elric can vouch the memory, there were always Talking Head shirts at Dead concerts, Grateful Dead shirts at Head concerts. And if I give no fuck for what Byrne is doing now, his birthday is still an Egoslavian Holy Day.

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  1. i saw the talking heads and the grateful dead an equal number of times - once each

    the musician or group i've seen the most times in person is todd rundgren - most recently when he came through the area with ringo's all-starr band

    the least likely (given my demographics)? probably julio iglesias - missus charley is a fan, however, and on cd i enjoy his duet with willie nelson on "all the girls i've loved before"

    i saw the beatles once, too