Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Secret Fund of Rage Frees Him from All Worldly Obligations

I call bullshit on Brexit, I said to my Hillaryite Friend. Bullshit on Trump, bullshit on the idea that Oligarchs are SHOCKED! by a tidal wave of right-wing nationalist populism. This is the gentlest stomp-down of dissent of the obsolete old white working class possible (while keeping them viably threatening through the hip-replacement/oxygen-tube 2018 mid-term election years) and a stomp-out of dissent from what passes as dissent from the Left. Hillaryite Friend said, you're buying, told you you couldn't go ten minutes.

  • Planet told me Fleabus is a Colorpoint Shorthair, I said to my Hillaryite Friend, who tells me she thinks Fleabus is a Red Point Siamese. I said Fleabus is best cat ever.
  • The markets are going to be fucking fine, Oligarch-wise, don't worry. Or they'll make new markets on those private Micronesian islands with no extradition treaties to any fucking place.
  • O! I finally figured out the splinter that ruins Star Trek Next Gen for me: Jordi is taken capture by Romulans. The Romulans plug into Jordi's visual neural implants and visor and condition him to receive E-Band signals he must obey beyond his accord. He almost kills a Klingon somebody. In the movie Star Trek: Motherfucking Kirk Finally Dies, Jordi is captured by the dude from Clockwork Orange and DAMN! if he doesn't manipulate Jordi's visor. The Clockwork Orange dude sells the technology to Lursa and B'Etor who use it - see, it didn't occur to Picard in particular or StarFleet in general to implement policies about what to do after blind guys with visors have been captured after the same guy had already been captured and manipulated by visor- to destroy the Enterprise. Good on Lursa and B'Etor, but Star Trek writers think I'm stupid.
  • I seem to be the only person bothered by this.
  • Oh, and fuck Bernie Sanders. Run as an independent or shut the fuck up.
  • Neoliberal technocracy.
  • Rules, games, patterns.
  • How not to do a coup.
  • Kirk died, but The Federation was saved. The Federation is always saved.
  • Gass has always preferred prepositions.
  • A phenomenology of ignorance - Keith Waldrup's selected. Just bought.
  • Robert Wyatt.
  • New Aphex Twin!
  • When music is violence.
  • Pere Ubu played a short set on Brian's show yesterday, listen to archives.


Mark Ford

A secret fund of rage
Frees him from all worldly obligations.
He casts it out like the nearby
Fisherman, propped on their wooden stools.

The girders rumble, the house lights opposite
Come on. Two dogfish have expired
In my landing net. The madman
Has packed up his rod and tackle and gone.

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