Thursday, June 9, 2016

Democratically Naked, Viscous w Sweat, Spit, and Etc

Two colleagues I didn't know were Hillaryite each offered me a measure of sympathy that Bernie Sanders is dead dead dead dammit just admit he's dead. I am not a Sanders fan or voter - I had the chance to vote for him in Maryland and did not, I said. The support I have for Sanders is the kayfabed fan's towards the best professional jobber on circuit who valiantly fights until the heel cheats for advantage before executing his signature move on the jobber BOOM! one two three. Year after year. S.D. Jones, Brooklyn Brawler. What, said one. (Another HC) warned me about this, said the other. Bernie knew he had no chance but sold the story line and perhaps a new generation of rubes not yet kayfabe can enjoy the mark's illusion that progressive change is possible in the Empire - I envy them, the dopes. Is this going to be in your blog, said one. Is this going to be in your blog, said another.


Linh Dinh

Perhaps I’m a cruel artist. I always depict
In great details, lovingly, all the defects
On the faces and bodies of my models.
I use my eyes and brushes to thread
The jagged gaps of their stiff smiles. I pamper
Each pimple, hump, massage each incrustation.

I cajole my models into poses that are awkward,
Dangerous, unhygienic, sometimes mortifying.
I don’t care to paint smooth, poreless skin but collect
All manners of rashes and eruptions. Inspired,
I’ve forced a hundred bodies—impossibly old,
Extremely young—onto appalling heaps,

Democratically naked, viscous with sweat, spit and etc.,
Just so I could render the human condition
Most accurately and movingly.

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  1. Wikimedia Uncommons tells us that "The General National Uniformity and Small Animal Administration Act of 1948 (USC Title IX Sec. 18,378 - 18,391)... provided for the establishment of minimum standards for political animals. [For example] the African Honey Badger or European Badger could not be an American political animal... [also] the Indian Elephant, as opposed to the African Elephant; the various European bears, rather than Brown, Black, Grizzly, or Kodiak bears... The Donkey (or Ass) is similar worldwide and therefore exempt from this Act...

    "To qualify as a political animal, said animal must be evaluated in closed session of the House Of Representatives, and upon its answer to the question, "Are you now, or have you ever been?" may be allowed under the Act. Attacking the Representatives while in session, or defecating in chambers or within the U.S. Capitol, shall be grounds for immediate acceptance. "