Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Attitude Bent My Bent



My colleagues will turn
narc Bookkeeper'll flip them
they'll claim my quotas're

short my myth too big
my attitude bent my bent

the plane carrying
vacationing Bookkeeper
did not detonate

seven miles above
mid-Atlantic there's always
the return trip home


  1. Don't you see? If you don't get with her, pronto, the three months from convention to election won't be enough time to convince anyone she's worth a shit.

  2. 1) i listened to deerhoof "acceptance speech" - pleasant - the ending is a little bit surprising

    2) the name of that band, and the news in your next post that you are going to go mountaineering in maine, reminded me of andy pratt's "deer song", which begins "deer run all over the forests of maine", which i have listened to already a couple of times in the last couple of weeks -

    3)and speaking of the return trip home over the atlantic - the byrds "eight miles high"

    4)among the byrds at that time was david crosby, who showed up at joan baez's 75th birthday show as broadcast on pbs - as did judy collins - bob dylan wasn't there, but judy joined joan in singing about him ("diamonds and rust")

    5) the one time i saw joan baez live and in person she sang dylan's "simple twist of fate" - one verse was done in a parody of dylan's vocal style - we in the audience laughed

    6) the fellow grad student i went to that concert with, forty years ago, is now a clintonista who has been putting strongly anti-bernie posts on her facebook page - i have bit my tongue, metaphorically speaking

    7)to every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven - or so some say

    8)it's only recently that i've begun to learn how different the archaea are from the bacteria