Saturday, July 2, 2016

Like It or Not Your Genes Have a Political Past

My other Hillaryite Colleague expressed concern yesterday about the optics of Bill Clinton meeting privately with an Attorney General who COULD, if she wanted to and had the legal case, squeeze Clinton Syndicate's junk in a vice. I paraphrase. I said, the optics seem bad, but Bill is too shrewd* to not understand the optics were awful. He judged the hurt will be minimal compared to the damage to the Clinton Restoration had Bill not reminded the Attorney General of the correct decisions at hand. HC said, so this time you think the Clintons arranged this meeting - ordered the Attorney General to a meeting that would put *her* in an obviously awkward and potentially reputation-ruining position, and told her what her decision on Hillary's emails will be. Onomatopoetic word made by inhaling with lips open between teeth that signifies wink, I said, winking. Fuck you, you're nuts, HC said. I said, it could have been happenstance they were at the same airport at the very same time and they may have only chatted about grandchildren and mutual friends, but Bill knew no one would believe that even if true and fucking did it anyway cause he's Bill Fucking Clinton.

  • Trump Trump Trump Gingrich Trump, HC said. Yes, I said, Bill certainly took that into consideration when calculating risk/reward of meeting with AG.
  • My Hillaryite Colleague expressed NO concern beyond optics re: Bill Clinton's meeting w AG. 
  • It's just so tone deaf, HC said. I said, onomatopoetic sound of methane gas passing between ass cheeks.
  • *Shrewd is one of English's best words, especially when thinking about the Clintons.
  • UPDATE! News on the radio that Hillary Clinton finally interviewed w FBI on emails this morning, the Saturday morning of the 4th of July weekend. I can't hold that against them - politicians have used holiday weekends to bury damaging news stories forever. Still, makes one wonder whether Bill's meeting w AG was to set terms of the interview.
  • UPDATE! Donald Trump, at news of Hillary's FBI interview, tweets out image of Hillary next to Star of David over an image of piles of money. When did Bill meet with Donald this week?
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  • 47 of the blogs on the bloglists (that are not already housed in Moribund) have not updated in at least one month, most of then longer. Blegsylvania's glory days were eight years ago, I know, but it's always interested me how Blegsylvania goes quietest when the clusterfuck is loudest.
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  • Szymborska born 93 years ago today. Title of today's post taken from one of the many poems there.
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  • Above photos of building I work in. It's a mid-70s Brutalist, I'm in the minority but I think it's exterior is wonderful. Bottom photo - major stacks shift ongoing. It's dramatic how much the acoustics change when books removed. 
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