Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Bruise Will Stop by Later

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I got an email yesterday from Facebook telling me someone(s) had tried logging into an account I opened more than a decade ago and thought I killed - I have a strong memory of pushing YES to all the multiple KILL YOURSELF? prompts - within weeks. I had and have no interest in maintaining a Facebook: this is not a moral stance, I just don't want to, blooger and twooter are too much already, I'd quit them if I could. Facebook was very concerned, urged me to change my password, and when I logged in with the temp password they provided to change to a new password I saw names of people who would have asked to friend me in the few weeks I was on and who I haven't thought about in more than a decade, so it was my account as I remember it. Galen Adjadar. Lordy. If you google your name and land here, Galen, blckdgrd <at> gmail .>dot< com.

And fuck Facebook for phishing me and fuck me for being phished. I assume it was Facebook phishing - no one would know the email account I was using to sign into Facebook in 2004 to hack me (though I suppose it could be a bot), and who'd want to hack me anyway, I'm nobody.

Those of you who have Facebook - can I kill my Facebook account and if so how?

If the account has been active all these years unbeknownst to me and you've asked me to be your friend and I haven't responded, it's not because I'm an asshole (well, I am an asshole, but not in this particular case)....

UPDATE! I deactivated the account, at least until next time Facebook decides to K'mpec me with it's deathstick, though I've learned not to act shocked.

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the bruise will stop by later.
For now, the pain pauses in its round,
notes the time of day, the patient’s temperature,
leaves a memo for the surrogate: What the hell
did you think you were doing? I mean . . .
Oh well, less said the better, they all say.
I’ll post this at the desk.

God will find the pattern and break it.

    -  John Ashbery

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  1. blooger and twooter are too much already, I'd quit them if I could

    I can't quit them anytime I want. Just like this drink I'm having now.