Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Where Birdcatchers Yodel and Bobwhites Cheep

Dan Bodeh tweeted out that logo to promo his yodel show on WFMU Monday evenings from 7-8 EDT. I'm listening to it live as I type this sentence. I posted the logo because yodel. It has replaced Tom Tomato as avatar for Moribund - as both taunt to those in blurgatory and accusation against me - and looks fabulous on the blegrell.

A new and unexpected (in years of friendly work-contact we'd never once yapped politics) Hillaryite Colleague asked me, when we crossed paths in Red Square yesterday, what the fuck is wrong with Bernie supporters. I said, in my best fake neutral tone while processing who was asking me what? and judging what level of gah to engage, I'm not a Bernie supporter. Of course you're not, HC said, you know Hillary is the best and only choice for president. I did the cowardly wristwatch I gotta run eye-to-wrist glance, then SHAZAM! one of my Hillaryite Colleagues appeared! I introduced them, I work here, I work there, shoptalk, shoptalk, isn't the provost a >> deleted content <<. We all agreed. New HC said, so, Trump, huh? Old HC said, Jeff keeps saying Trump is going to win. To be more accurate, I said, Trump is fortunate to be running against the one person in the universe that could lose to him, not that he is going to win. New HC said, Hillary's the most qualified candidate for president in my lifetime. Trump Trump Trump she yodeled for another forty-five seconds. Old HC said to new HC, clearly this is the first time you've had this conversation with Jeff. New HC screamed, as in the two dozen or so people in Red Square all turned to stare, including, I shit you not, the provost who's a >>deleted content<<, YOU'RE NOT VOTING FOR TRUMP, ARE YOU? I did not yodel back.

The big run of big birthdays is soon, Kate Bush and William Gass and John Ashbery and Herman Melville and Jerry Garcia, the first days I'll be in Maine, a blessing as the current plan is not yodeling in Maine, though two weeks - two days - without a KABOOM! seems not only improbable but impossible. Photos of hikes and disc golf holes, yes, music, yes, books and poems I'm reading, yes, links to music and books and poetry, and even links to the clusterfuck, yes, but no yodeling. Until I yodel.


  1. My sympathies you have to endure that kind of exchange in fleshland. I hadn't thought seriously about how much I am fortunate in that regard. I just got an idea: Start using such opportunities to tell HCs that you are voting for Stein (not because you are, but for this setup). Then, when they rejoin with the inevitable trope, pause, make the thoughtful face, and reply, "I see. Okay. I guess I'll vote for Trump then." (Does a vote for Trump then equal two votes for Trump?)

  2. Re: HC's... these conversations follow a certain path of weird logic. The idea that *neither camp will serve The People (though Bernie spoke some Home Truths)* doesn't register with the True Believers of She. One must vote for She or your vote = Trump. Period. No nuance, no extra crispy flavor, no sprinkles with that.

    She is not FDR; Trump is not Hitloo. It is not 1933.

  3. with respect to hillary, among the daily mail comments about how untrustworthy she is i wrote "you don't have to trust her - you just have to vote for her" - i got many more down than up votes on that sentiment - who knows if it's good or bad?