Monday, September 12, 2016

Over the Eyelids Like Evening's Shadow

Fleabus & Olive by Planet.

Like the new background? Same but different. To be honest, I was being reckless, what with Blooger getting skeevier by the day, playing Blooger Roulette with the template? This is a pattern, yo. I wasn't thinking about returning to my beloved Noxzema bottle blue when I changed the blogs on the broken blogroll to Noxzema bottle blue because it looked best against the new gray.

As for the blogrolls, here's what I typed last night: they're fucked. Multiple people have since yesterday chimed in at the ironically named Google Help Forum, it is a widespread problem. The google oligarchs are building spaceships to carry the oligarchs to space where they will live on the blood of human fetuses raised like cabbages. I doubt they give a flying fuck about my free blogging platforms fucked up blogrolls.

Well, fuck me. They're working. Jinx works for you sometime, you just need be willing to look an ass.

  • Clinton's faint. Almost instantaneously some Clinton spec ops twooterfuck was mockingly retweeted onto timeline, the fuck screaming Any one taking political advantage of Clinton's illness is, well, not deplorable, but really truly fucking shitty. I know it's his job, as will be his gleeful insinuations about Trump's health should Trump fall ill on camera.
  • I do want to briefly return to Basket of Deplorables: who the fuck's idea was that phrase, Clinton sure as fuck didn't ad-lib it. Think of the hours of push-polling taken and the hours Clinton's stat nerds plotted patterns and the hours Clinton's brain trust spent debating best phrase for motherfucking crackers knowing motherfucking crackers would cause maximum kaboom, and someone OKed Basket of Deplorables.
  • UPDATE! I'm told Basket of Deplorables is an allusion to a Disney kid's movie, um, something about minions. Can't confirm.
  • Maggie's weekly links.
  • The killer cats are winning. Every other month on my neighborhood's listserv a vicious anti-cat/pro-cat and/or anti-feral/pro-feral war breaks out.
  • Flat-earthers.
  • Strung-out on Jargon.
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links.
  • Forgive me, I like Steely Dan. Not enough to post songs here, but I never understood the Steely Dan hate.
  • Dan Green on Henry Green.
  • M's preliminary thoughts on latest Coetzee: Dogs are, once again, everywhere. Dogs as creatures wandering through the book, yes, but also dogs as metaphors and figures of speech. There will one day be entire Ph.D. dissertations devoted to Coetzee's dogs. Haven't read in years, need revisit.
  • But not until my fling with ________________ .... I'll not play jinx roulette, at least not here.
  • Faint Music.


August Kleinzahler

A faint smell of urine
embroidering that bouquet of mold the big cushions   
give off days the fog won’t lift,

and a shelf of bone
growing out over the eyelids like evening’s shadow   
across a field of corn—

The whole parade
leaking out from your shoulders, bequeathing   
to the groin a pang of distance;

then that metallic taste in the mouth   
and a voice you had let yourself believe   
was dead

close now by your ear, intimate and sweet:

                                  Well, well, well,   
look what we have here. 


  1. Here's to the .06% less deplorable. Actually, a pretty fair euphemism for shitty, no?
    Also, thanks for the Star Trek Twitter chuckle Saturday night. Went to sleep giggling to Wisdoc who is also a big Trekkie fan for 50 f'in years.
    That problem with updating does seem to recur from time to time. Unlike you, I tend to ignore it. That's why you're you.
    Best as always!

  2. i read the cats as killers article

    although my best cat ever was a recreational hunter, my current best cat in the house never goes outside

    i think it does depend on the environment to which the subsidized part-time carnivores are being given access - if there are species which are vulnerable, the cats should be confined

    in the long run, everything changes - life on both the individual and the species level is like a beanstalk - subject to growth, flourishing, declining, and passing away

    who knows if it's good or bad?