Wednesday, September 14, 2016

More Than an Ear Can Hold

My friend Elzbieta just returned to work after vacationing in her beloved Krakow, brought me back, as she always does, authentic Polish ogorki! Put your favorite orogki on pizza, zoom.

OK, I think the re-wallpapering is done here until next time, and LOOK!

Theme Song is back!

I need give credit to my free blogging platform, they seem to have fixed what ailed it. Jinx.

New Kim Gordon song?


Frank O'Hara

Why do you play such dreary music
on a Saturday afternoon, when tired
mortally tired I long for a little
reminder of immortal energy?
week long when I trudge fatiguingly
from desk to desk in the museum
you spill your miracles of Grieg
and Honegger on shut-ins.
                                           Am I not
shut in too, and after a week
of work don't I deserve Prokofiev?

Well, I have my beautiful de Kooning
to aspire to. I think it has an orange
bed in it, more than an ear can hold.


  1. frank o'hara's poem complaining about the music the radio plays - these days he'd have much more control with - i go to the website on my laptop and have the app on my ipod touch - i'm a satisfied product

    (i would have said "satisfied customer" if i paid them money, but instead i listen for free and they get their money from advertisers, so instead of them selling me music,they sell my attention)

  2. You need to come up with your bumper music, as well. Leads into and out of each set. Very important!

    "Blegsylvania long slow death": Yawn. tl;dr

    And, whew! Blooger pulled that one out by the skin of its teeth. It was looking like another platform there for a moment there. I know they're relieved.

    1. I think it was my calling Google and demanding to speak to Mr Blooger himself that got them moving.

      I haven't started to consider bed music when I back-announce the set. No need getting ahead of myself.