Friday, September 16, 2016

The Names of the Corpse-Emperors and Their Vampiry Poems Were Pasted to Our Bodies

That was taped to our front door yesterday. Earthgirl planted wild grass along the steep hill from front yard down to sidewalk along the brick wall of the neighbors yard, late in summer some of the stalks, reaching for direct sunlight, reach out over the sidewalk. Earthgirl wonders if some neighborhood dogwalker or jogger complained, I think MOCO hires people who drive through neighborhoods and write citations. I'm not outraged - but Earthgirl?

Reminder: Fleabus (taken last night when she refused to let me read):

Me: Why (I said yesterday to a Hillaryite Colleague in full outraged meltdown over the fallout from The Great Pneumonia Fuckup): would HRC say she didn't reveal she had pneumonia because she didn't think it was a big deal?
HC: But if she'd called in sick the fuss and speculation would have been overboard.
Me: I agree, but why would HRC say she didn't reveal she had pneumonia because she didn't think it was a big deal?
HC: HRC decided the risk of trying to trooper it through the ceremony and not making it were greater than the risk of admitting she was sick and missing the ceremony.
Me: I agree, I have zero issue with her trying to soldier through the 911 ceremony and keep her pneumonia private but once caught why would she say she didn't reveal she had pneumonia because she didn't think it was a big deal?
HC: What?
Me: Why would HRC say she didn't reveal she had pneumonia because she didn't think it was a big deal? Why the brazenly toss-away unnecessary lie? Of course she knew it'd be a big deal.
HC: There's nothing she can say or do that won't strike you as cynical and sinister.
Me: I agree, but why would HRC say she didn't reveal she had pneumonia because she didn't think it was a big deal? Why not say, I didn't reveal I had pneumonia because I knew it'd be blown out of all reasonable proportion. I thought it a mild illness and a private matter, I thought if I didn't show up folk would say I had cancer so I judged it a slam dunk to risk fainting then explaining over inevitable SHE'S DYING OF CANCER, and I'd do it again.
HC: Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump.
Me: Sure, but why would HRC say she didn't reveal she had pneumonia because she didn't think it was a big deal? Change the fucking narrative, like a New Hillary Clinton Honesty Offensive? Our panel of experts debate.
HC: Fuck you.
Me: Where is that fucking Kissinger endorsement, anyway?


Daniel Borzutzky

Because the dead felt ashamed of dying in the walls
Because the dead felt ashamed of the flowers that covered their graves
Because there was a war in my skin
My skin blemished with the guts that dripped from the rotten chickens hanging above me
Because we were trapped underground absorbing the silent fucking of the dead
Because the living felt ashamed of the dead trapped in the walls
Because the sky was so full of gas and we could not see the moon
There were pictures of naked bodies drawn on the chalkboards of the rooms they buried us in
Every once in awhile, they poured milk through the hole in the wall and we cupped our hands and drank it even though it was sour and made us vomit
We were rotting under the florescent lights that covered our bodies
Because X had no chest they filled her legs with honey and set her outside on the lawn
We watched the ants devour her
We watched foam come out of her skin and the room grew so humid
Slippery bodies we fell over ourselves and got hungrier as we watched the ants nibble her flesh
Y told the story of how X had an orgasm in the pond
She let the water rush in between her legs and rubbed her pelvis against the rocks
Her hair went out to sea
Her tingly skin her pulsating skin the wavering beat of her heart
They watched this and when she came out of the water they put her in a room to examine what beast had bitten her
They determined she had been bitten by crustaceans that had lodged themselves into her thigh and abdomen
There was no choice but to penetrate her more deeply
Funnels of foam
Funnels of ants
Squeezed into her orifices from multiple angles while the computer systems analyzed her pulse, her blood, her metabolism
They forced the minions to reproduce her body
Twenty six reproductions of her body placed in a holding cell multiplied in a systematic fashion
We were commanded not to speak while there were bodies rowing through the excrement of the flooded streets of our neighborhood
We were commanded to be silent while there were comrades choking on flesh sobbing on blood puking greenish bacon
The autopsy revealed the systematic fabrication of the clitoris
The names of our wounds were displayed on banners or painted on our bodies
The names of the corpse-emperors and their vampiry poems were pasted to our bodies
Soil on our lips raw meat on our tongues jars of mayonnaise to aliment to lubricate to bluster
It wasn’t the fault of the warden when he got an erection
A scabby finger accidentally patted his crotch
He didn’t mean to force the scabby finger onto his crotch
With a dark sheet he covered the face and body to whom the scabby finger belonged and he helped the scabby finger undo his zipper
What were the scabs on the finger from
He thought about the scabs on her finger
He thought about the blood trapped in her finger and it was not his fault he kept his erection
He thought: ejaculate and stuff her flesh with worms
He thought: reach the end and fill her mouth with foam
He held his breath as the moment reached and when it passed he thought:
The bodies buried in the wall the gutter the earth: the present is always the past for them

They must be killed again and again


  1. "Encroaching" is a curious term. Very close to "incursion" -- and if any additional notices use *that* language? Well; sanctions, drones and proxy mercenaries generally follow within seven to ten business days. Just sayin'.

    Additional Thought: There is always the possibility that the 'Issuing Officer' for the Department of Housinge (Mr or Ms White) is like Melville in the Customs-House, going home at the end of the day to rest, make a cheese rarebit, and struggle with their craft. Or, you know, none of those things.

  2. My comment at MJ:
    One: It's the disproportionate blame heaped on millenials for problems created by prior generations that's repugnant.
    Two: 18 to 21 year olds cannot defect. They've never voted.
    Three: As regards 21-24 year-olds, Clinton had already been viewed less trustworthy than Obama, and he betrayed their trust. His record speaks for itself.
    Four: Clinton's record speaks for itself.
    Five: Mother Jones is toast. There's no need for another Liberal e-rag.

  3. my first thought on seeing the official notice before reading it was that it was about too many cats - i am glad it is plant-oriented instead

    i have heard there is a proverb "follow the customs or flee the country"

    a year or two ago my homeowners association ordered me to repaint the painted parts of my house - it was done as they commanded

    on another matter - were it my blog i would not post poems like borzutsky's - but it is your blog and its owner obeys the harvard law of behavior