Thursday, September 22, 2016

Yeah, You're Suffering, with the Worstest of Curses

Last night I watched a tweeted youtube of a Clinton spokesperson named Robby Mook embarrassingly flounder to answer the softest questions teed-up for him by MSNBC talking heads, was going to trademark a noun/verb - the robbymook was robbymooked - and pose this possibility: Maybe HRC is stupid - as in, her argument for election is her superior competence at more softly crash-landing the Starship Status Quo than buffoonish Donald could, and yet her campaign daily demonstrates no, that's not true, she's a motherfucking clusterfuck, but then a friend on twooter started Beefhearting, so I'm Beefhearting instead. I asked twooterfolk for requests, but who the fuck am I kidding. I can find lots of Beefheart on my own, yo.

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  1. 1)yesterday almost all of us in Class Vocal MUSC 137 sang the first of the four songs required for the semester in front of the class - this first one was our choice of amazing grace, the water is wide, or long time ago - i picked long time ago - the arrangement in our book is a little simpler than that by aaron copland

    2)and speaking of long time ago, long time ago warner brothers issued sampler "loss leader" lps, one of which had a captain beefheart song - i still recall, from the lyrics,

    "daughter, don't you dare!"
    "oh mother, who cares!"

    long time ago

    3)with regard to whether madame secretary clinton is a f. idiot - people can be very clever in some ways and also very stupid in other ways - they am have blind spots - see emma young's article in new scientist magazine

    27 January 2016
    Who do you think you are? 4 rules can help you know yourself
    You don’t know yourself as well as you think. But there are some clever ways to understand your true nature better and how others perceive you

    the 4 rules stated in the article are

    think humble
    remember that looks matter
    see what others see
    forget what you know

    complete article text, apparently reproduced without the publisher's permission, appears at

    4)as r.l. stevenson wrote,

    the world is so full of a number of things that i'm sure we should all be as happy as kings

    5)i send along these musings about trivial events in my personal life, seeded with potentially life-changing pointers to the wisdom of the ages, with best wishes in the never-ending quest for truth, justice, and the potentially sentient way - who knows if it is good or bad?

    complete text is at

  2. Yes, Beefheart is often a perfect escape.
    I actually happened to catch the mook Mook live on Mourning Joe. My first take was that he was spoofing the double standard whereby Trump & his trumpian trumpeting minions ALWAYS get away with that crap—never answering, pointing to the unavailable candidate for answers, broad/vague generalities. The MSNBCians didn't realize they were being played, but you could see it dawn on them: their complicity in allowing the other guy's folks to do the same thing every single time and hypocritically whining & howling when Hermione's people try the same thing.

  3. There's no doubt in my mind that Hillary is an idiot. Her record is there for anyone to see. Everything she touches turns to poop. It's like a poopy Midas touch. Trump isn't going to win, he never had a chance to win. I don't care what the polls show. Even if Trump did win (which he won't) he would be exactly the same as his predecessors. He would kiss Israeli ass, he would maintain the empire at whatever cost because our owners would insist on it. Presidents are sock puppets. It's part of the job description. Here's the job description: 1. maintain and expand the empire. 2. Candidate must be willing to murder innocent people on a large scale. 3. Candidate must be willing to tell the most atrocious lies whilst keeping a straight face. 4. Wall Street (banks) must be given precedent over everything. 5. Candidate must be willing to accept bribes in whatever form.

    The only thing that will change no matter who wins is that things will get worse. Cheers.