Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Bold, Enduring Menace of Courtship Is Upon Us Like the Plague, and None of Us Can Say What Trouble Will Be Precipitated Once It Had Its Way with Us

  • Gass on grasshoppers - and you and me and him. Sorry, meant to scan that at work yesterday, had to take a photo this morning. Read it - out load if you can - anyway.
  • Now - this moment in time - is the time to read Gass' long meditation on the small petty personal evils that animate and motivate each of us. If I like you, and you ask nice, I'll send you a copy of The Tunnel, but not today - payday is next Friday.
  • Ted Cruz thinks Trump is going to win.
  • Alan Lichtman, who has correctly predicted (not that it's that hard, 2000 Florida excepted) all POTUS correctly since 1984, says Trump is going to win.
  • I prefer to think of it as Clinton is going to lose. Fair or not, earned or not, she is the walking totemof a shitty status quo.
  • Enabligatory behavior.
  • American pussydom.
  • This Week in Water. Each time I post one I look at the word water until my still goes, The fuck?
  • How the financing of college sucks. The stories I can't tell. 
  • Please tell Ed you want him to post Gravity's Rainbow two pages a day with annotations. Hurry.
  • The new Nick Cave - down below the Ashbery - is growing on me.
  • New Leonard Cohen, whose music I don't love (I do love this song) but dig and respect:


John Ashbery

Furthermore, Mr. Tuttle used to have to run in the streets.   
Now, each time friendship happens, they’re fully booked.   
Sporting with amaryllis in the shade is all fine and good,   
but when your sparring partner gets there first   
you wonder if it was all worth it. “Yes, why do it?”   
I’m on hold. It will take quite a lot for this music   
to grow on me. I meant no harm. I’ve helped him   
from getting stuck before. Dumb thing. All my appetites are friendly.   
Children too are free to go and come as they please.   
I ask you only to choose between us, then shut down this election.   
But don’t reveal too much of your hand at any given time.   
Then up and pipes the major, leave the hand in,   
or change the vows. The bold, enduring menace of courtship is upon us   
like the plague, and none of us can say what trouble   
will be precipitated once it has had its way with us.   
Our home is marshland. After dinner was wraparound.   
You got a tender little look at it.   

Outside, it never did turn golden.


  1. Thanks for the retweet and link! Not sure I know what you mean by "your still goes..." What's more, not sure I can help! I did, however, update/upgrade my template to make the blog more legible. Been getting complaints...

  2. Good article about why Trump will win, but Professor No-Data mishandles one of his own criteria due to a neo-con bias: by saying no foreign policy glory, he implies that such can only achieved by a military victory in warfare. This particular president, love him or hate him, has done remarkable work at attempting to disentangle the U.S. from wars of empire of the sort foist on us by GWB & by not initiating any other. It's quite easy to imagine this country going full-bore into Syria and being even more heavily involved in Yemen and ratcheting up NATO confrontation around Ukraine. But we're not. Syria is a precarious balance & Obama is teetering but, at bottom, is striving mightily (mostly behind the scenes) to keep the conflict contained and influence outcomes without going full Shock & Awe. If the incumbent only gets points in the professor's system for making & succeeding at war, then the professor is not a fair foreign policy analyst & his system misgauges on that point. But who am I? Some numbnuts internet common-tator. What's my opinion worth?

  3. The Democratic Party is beyond redemption. Both the Dem and Republican Party need to be destroyed. There is no left to start a left movement. This is the USA after all. The only movements in the USA are of the bowel variety. That's a shitty thing to say I suppose.