Sunday, October 16, 2016


We'd planned a hard hike but decided instead to Metro downtown, walk around, go see the just reopened East Wing of the National Gallery of Art. Earthgirl and I grew up in MOCO, we live three miles from DC, it's our home field museum, it's been closed for three years, we wanted to see what's new. Well, this:

Red Dance, by Kevin Young, slayed me and Earthgirl, and this:

Red Rose Cantata, by Alma Thomas, slayed Earthgirl and me. We discovered we'd both stood in front of each for minutes - we hike ahead or behind sometimes when hiking.

I liked this far more than Earthgirl:

That's only 1/4th of Alfred Jensen's Twelve Events in a Dual Universe.

It's fascinating - as my eyes get worse I see red better. There is no doubt a physical explanation, though I like to think red's paying me back for years of neglect.

Best date I've been on in months.

This is one of my favorite posts ever. This will be one of my least pinged posts ever. Fuck the me.

Never saw this before, Hans Hofmann's Autumn Gold:


  1. no doubt a physical explanation

    i've been told my cataracts have started

  2. Hope I get back to DC someday. I very much like the Hoffmann.

    1. Hope you get back to DC someday. I'd very much like to buy you pints.