Wednesday, October 26, 2016

There I Was: a Stinking Adult

Fleabus likes the replacement laser light I bought for Olive after the battery died in the last one. They burn out fast, Olive always screaming. Fleabus had zero interest in all the previous, loves the new. Olive spazzes as if the legendary pink dots are the same (or different, all spazzworthy), and the legendary pink dots look the same to me too. Fleabus, like me, is going blind, once she sees the legendary pink dot she can see it until it disappears then has trouble finding the legendary pink dot again.


John Ashbery

Once upon a time there were two brothers.
Then there was only one: myself.

I grew up fast, before learning to drive,
even. There I was: a stinking adult.

I thought of developing interests
someone might take an interest in. No soap.

I became very weepy for what had seemed
like the pleasant early years. As I aged

increasingly, I also grew more charitable
with regard to my thoughts and ideas,

thinking them at least as good as the next man's.
Then a great devouring cloud

came and loitered on the horizon, drinking
it up, for what seemed like months or years.

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  1. Doris Day - Toyland

    "Once you pass its borders, you can ne'er return again......."