Friday, October 28, 2016

Face Your Waste of Time

  • HC emailed back, The fuck?
  • UPDATE! 330 PM - We climb down from Maryland Heights, turn on car radio KABOOM! NEW HILLARY EMAIL CLUSTERFUCK! I'd like to take credit, but all praise to Bless Serendipity! 
  • UPDATE! All those Democrats and Hillary supporters who sang Comey's praise when he called off the dogs in the Summer? Enjoy their attacks on him the next eleven days.
  • Honesty issues.
  • Everybody all around the world.
  • Cheering the inequities.
  • The End of Adolescence.
  • Banning dog breeds.
  • Mary Ruefle's private property.
  • The sound on my Fisher-Price laptop died last night. Listening to songs off the 50 Best Shoegaze Albums, just motherfucking stopped working. When I go to Sounds in Control Panel it will not load. What the fuck? I swear, all volume switches are turned up to eleven. Help.
  • Some of those songs over the weekend, for now, my stupid for brilliantly stupid pop songs continue. I assume you can hear them.


Graham Foust

Don't let me down.
Don't not let the day drown.

Face your waste of time. 

This is all.
This is all you are.

This is all you are allowed.


  1. Sorry I can't advise you on the Fisher Price. I usually just shut off and on again. But mine is a Close & Play.

    Hey, wow! There's a link to words about one of my favorite short-story authors, Robert Aickman, currently floated to the top of your side-roll.

  2. Bark Bark Bark: As an English Bull Terrier, turning 9-and-a-half today (in Dog years), there are a number of people whom I'd *like* to bite and then pee on their leg, but don't. Not cool, man; they take you out behind the barn for that -- though simply peeing on their leg is something you very likely can get away with.