Monday, October 24, 2016

With You I'd Take It Raw

Laptop monitor, dining room table, Sunday Sun Oct 23 2016, 10:40 AM EDT.

Just did a blogroll dead call - hey look, Moribund is full (100 max my motherfucking free blogging platform allows in any one blogroll): I had to open a second mausoleum, Mor(e)ibund. Get it? Reminder: these exist so that when you sit up in your grave to howl once (never yodel) before remembering Fuck This and deading again I get to say Hi! Plus it speeds up the pageload as those blogs with dead urls that load to ads, fuck that, they get no gravesite: the blogload lately sucked, before I throw a faux shitfit at my motherfucking free blogging platform I jiffy-lubed the joint before faux barking, jeez. I should weed Moribund too, speed up loading more, but that would delay the day when the dead outnumber the living here, so I have no rules. Or do but don't honor them or do but just selectively. And without introspection beyond noting my lack of introspective, proudly. I'm not hoping for soon (the dead outnumbering the living) but am fascinated for when. Three new joints added past week, look for their latest to float to top of blogroll.

Hey, if there's someone you think I'd like reading or need seeing please let me know. If you're Kinding me but me not you please let me know. As always, thanks for reading.

Hey, Berio born ninety-one years ago today.


Dorothea Lasky

Do you want to dip the rat
Completely in oil

Do you want to dip the rat
Before we eat it eat it

Do you want to dip the rat
Completely in oil

Before we eat it

Tender tender meat
Like pork shoulder

A hundred traps set
Eighty hanging in a row to be broiled

With you
I’d take it raw

Tiny pink feet
Glistening with oil

Legs and feet
Glistening with oil

Matted fur and face
Weighted down with oil

Everything in oil
But the teeth are shiny clean

No what I really want to know
Before you open that mouth again

Should we completely dip the rat in oil
Before we eat it eat it

Should we completely
Dip the rat in oil

Before we eat it


  1. about dorothea lasky's poem

    1)what kind of oil is it?

    1a)i'd really prefer that the fur be off first

    2)one can imagine the poem as a velvet underground song

    3)and speaking of '60s acts,

    bob dylan acknowledges his nobel prize with a bow from the stage while performing "like a rolling stone"

    at 3:09

    a)not really a bow, but a gesture that expresses acknowledgment - he puts his hand on his hip

    b)he smiles, although perhaps not quite oleaginously enough for some

    c)this gesture is performed at the end of the song line exchanging all precious gifts and things - the timing is what nails down the interpretation

  2. I foresee the time when, after a day of provident and respectful labor for their Owners, it will be a term of High Endearment for a Laborer to tell their True Love (not the person they have been instructed/permitted to marry) that they would consume the Rat, raw, with them as a sign of the depth of their feelings. The proper question in response would be, "But would you let me eat the feet?"

    Happy Wall Street Crash Day. Two, Four; Six; Eight. Not Too Late To Smash The State!

  3. Proud to share (cyber-ish) space here in yesterpost's Merrittocratic yay! Got a good one brewing but checking for cajones (oh, and facts). Also looks like MFs are here in March. Hmmm. Saw them once at Symphony Hall, 5th row center. Swell show, grouchy guy. Hmmm