Saturday, November 5, 2016

Born Sixty-Eight Years Ago Today

The traditional Peter Hammill Egoslavian Holy Day paragraph:

Peter Hammill is sixty-eight today. When I hear Peter Hammill or Van der Graff Generator I think of  Bavid Dogosian, one of two Davids I was once strong and seemingly life-time friends with but haven't talked to in decades, don't know where either are - last I heard Bavid was in the New York in the Art business, Phavid Dillips raising kelp in the Pacific Northwest. Bavid and I would park my brown AMC Hornet (sold to me by Ruth; Hamster remembers) or more often Bavid's yellow bug in a cornfield off 355 where now the mcmansionist monstrosity called Millstone exists. He would play Van der Graaf Generator and Hammill solo often on his turns, it's been love for me for Hammill's music since. If you see Bavid, tell him give me a call. You'll recognize him: his uncle played Captain Ross on Law and Order: Criminal Intent, the facial resemblance is uncanny.

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  1. this morning, asserts

    David W Bogosian
    Age: 50-54
    Current: Brooklyn NY
    Prior: Montgomery Village MD, Baltimore MD, Miami Beach FL, Gaithersburg MD
    Knows: Claire M Bogosian