Friday, November 4, 2016

I'd Never Send You Vile Fire Itself I Want You to Know!

Shot ▲ on Wildcat Mountain last Sunday. The pond was drained, the creeks were dry. I wrote The Nature Conservancy:

Pond be gone - or the water in it. Drought? Creeks dry too.

And Sam wrote back:

Hi Jeff,
I was forwarded your email about the pond at Wildcat Mountain. I haven’t been up there for a few months, but am not surprised to hear that the pond and creeks are dry. Much of the state from the Piedmont west had the driest summer in over 7 years this year, and not much rain thus far this fall. Add to that the dam on the pond not functioning 100% and you get what you see. We’ll see what the winter brings…

Yes, drought. There is color in the young trees, the old trees sucked up their sugar to survive the drought, got nothing left for leave-tourists. Fine metaphors abound.

All I want is to be in the woods. I hike by myself this weekend - Earthgirl's a painting adventure. I love hiking with Earthgirl way more than hiking alone but I love hiking alone lots. Where to go.


Anne Carson

Funded by your tax dollars vile fires threaten by day and night to break out!
I'd never send you vile fire itself I want you to know!
Homosexuals always mumble but their saddles are silver!
Don't open this envelope you'll be sick for life!
Some of the words are in French they don't translate!


  1. so far i find i don't like the anne carson stuff that much - it's not her, it's me - probably

    and speaking of sonnets - as carson did, in a title, but disappointed me by not following through, here is a REAL sonnet from 198 years ago, which is the cousin of shelley's famous ozymandias - horace smith and shelley both agreed to write a sonnet in response to a bunch of stone arriving in england - see wikipedia ozymandias article - initially published under the same title as shelley's, the author retitled it for later collections

    "On A Stupendous Leg of Granite, Discovered Standing by Itself in the Deserts of Egypt, with the Inscription Inserted Below"

    In Egypt's sandy silence, all alone,
    Stands a gigantic Leg, which far off throws
    The only shadow that the Desert knows:—
    "I am great OZYMANDIAS," saith the stone,
    "The King of Kings; this mighty City shows
    "The wonders of my hand."— The City's gone,—
    Nought but the Leg remaining to disclose
    The site of this forgotten Babylon.

    We wonder,—and some Hunter may express
    Wonder like ours, when thro' the wilderness
    Where London stood, holding the Wolf in chace,
    He meets some fragment huge, and stops to guess
    What powerful but unrecorded race
    Once dwelt in that annihilated place.

    Horace Smith, 1818

  2. I've sent the link to the Chris Floyd article to everyone I know, regardless of political stoopings and leanings. So far I've gotten two responses questioning my sanity ("Don't bother me with this kind of crap"), and several "This is great!" Otherwise, I'm done baiting everyone I know, who seem to have chosen up sides and feel righteous about it. Festival is close; I can feel it.

    And, I have officially Backed Off™ and acknowledge publicly that what I do not own is nothing.