Wednesday, November 16, 2016

God Recedes from Every Metaphor

Today in Fine Metaphors Abounding, this Fall, this fall, beautifully new, new old new albums from Nick Cave, Hope Sandoval, Lampchop. New, obsolete. Obsessed, fuck-thissed.

Which is worse? 
  1. Trump is as assholish-bad as feared from get-go. Overplays his hand, sparks a short-term extremely painful trumpsterfuck so horrifying a generational progressive tide inevitably crests?
  2. Trump half-asses his assholism, probably not by design but by scandal, ineptitude, assholely entropy, long and slow enough to be enough to become the new normal? 
Trick question: The Democratic Party will never permit a generational progressive tide. Watch.

Anyhow, a bud twitter-engaged w a DNC-fuck and I rose to the bait in my twitter-bud's defense. That's not the full true: I loved the visceral hate swept over me on thinking on yon DNC-fuck too. Hey! Has HRC officially said she's fucking off to the sea once and for fucking all? No?

Be Kind to each others, Fellow Motherfuckers.

Sweetness, I love love love love love ▼song. Love.


Mark Jarman

Amazing to believe that nothingness   
Surrounds us with delight and lets us be,   
And that the meekness of nonentity,   
Despite the friction of the world of sense,   
Despite the leveling of violence,
Is all that matters. All the energy
We force into the matchhead and the city   
Explodes inside a loving emptiness.

Not Dante’s rings, not the Zen zero’s mouth,   
Out of which comes and into which light goes,   
This God recedes from every metaphor,   
Turns the hardest data into untruth,
And fills all blanks with blankness. This love shows   
Itself in absence, which the stars adore.


  1. Random Bark: Given how complex the universe is, Le Stuff Multitudenelle occurring on every level, I am amazed that we're not being fucked with more egregiously and regularly than we in fact are.

  2. Re: "I rose to the bait in my twitter-bud's defense" Trick Question:

    1.) Rose To bait. Opened Box.
    2.) Expected, given the send-up, political thing in the box.
    3.) Found Other Thing in box.
    4.) Had A Sad.
    5.) Hosed.
    6.) Trump Is President.