Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Single Misprint in a Survival Manual Kills Everyone

  • Bad news: Olive's Ear was not named the next WFMU pet mascot.
  • Good news: A cat was.
  • Human remains found off Game Preserve Road? Elric totaled the station wagon on Game Preserve Road 35 + years ago. WHAT'S THE CONNECTION?
  • Gave myself last night off, giving myself today off, re: trumpsterfuck. I did tablet why I was giving myself the night off, whether writing about taking the night off disqualifies the taken night off still TBD, then washed it red and orange.
  • Civics and selfishness.
  • As my eyes get worse red and orange get better.
  • Eleven minimalists.
  • It's OK to not like poetry.
  • Seven Les Murray poems.
  • To be honest, I got stuck at podestaneeras, giulianigingriches, and bannonboltons, and thought, pace yourself, you powerless fuck, lest you become zestless. I mentioned this to a friend who urged me - who is keeping herself - to constant panicky vigilance.
  • >> Deleted bleggalgaze<<
  • Then someone on Twitter urged me read a Jonathan Chait article that seemed to be Chait's instructions on how I should behave in the TrumpsterDome, so


Bill Knott

The CIA and the KGB exchange Christmas cards
A blade snaps in two during an autopsy
The bouquet Bluebeard gave his first date reblooms
Many protest the public stoning of a guitar pick

Railroad trains drop off the bourgeois’ pointy head
A martyr sticks a coffeecup out under a firehose
Moviestars make hyenas lick their spaceship
God’s hand descends into a glove held steady by the police

At their reunion The New Faces recognize each other
A spoiled child sleeps inside a thermometer
A single misprint in a survival manual kills everyone
The peace night makes according to the world comes

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  1. I read "WFMU" as, "What the fuck am you??" But, I'm sure it's a very nice station.