Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Know What the Almost-Gone Dandelion Knows

  • Anarchism after TrumpIn reality, Trump is an aspect of a global wave, and a late arrival at that. Ethnic nativism and economic populism have been sweeping the world wherever neoliberalism has taken root, playing on existing racial biases to bring to power far-right groups and policies (Brexit springs to mind, but so does the fascism rising in the streets of Greece, Sweden, Germany, and elsewhere). It is also important to acknowledge that this phenomena is not limited to the political (or grassroots) right. The darling of the left-wing of the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders, has taken not at all dissimilar to Trump when it comes to trade – and like Trump he too has revealed a less-than-desirable perspective on the border situation. Despite being progressive on many issues, he has been on record calling for a more strict approach to immigration, and has gone as far to call open borders “a Koch Brothers proposal” that would harm the working class by “doing away with the concept of the nation state”. Such is the great liberal resistance to neoliberalism! Replace the term “neoliberalism” with the far-more vague “globalism” and swap the Koch brothers for, say, Obama, Clinton, or George Soros, and you have the makings of a standard far-right talking point. (Italics mine.)
  • Reminder: I have never said Sanders is the answer. What I have said is fuck the DNC.
  • The fourteen common features of Fascism.
  • Who's responsible for Trump winning? Her. Me too.
  • A shepherd at dusk.
  • Meanwhile, in North Dakota.
  • Who brought the grenades, you shits?
  • Gonna be having Thanksgiving Dinner with Democratic tribalist family members who will be gnashing and faux rending about Trump and fascism? We're hosting, two brothers, one in-law, one aunt, my parents - it'll be calm, but please use these links to shut the fuck up the especially overwrought Hillaryite at your table.
  • Remembering the Big Dog.
  • Motherfucking DemocratsThe broader point is the one made so often and so well by Tom Frank – it is morally wrong, economically illiterate, and politically suicidal for the New Democrats to continue to assault the working class via austerity, “free trade” (sic) deals, and financial deregulation.  The only thing worse is to then insult the working class for reacting “badly” to being pummeled for decades by the Party that once defined itself as the party of working people.  The New Democrats decided to insult the white working class in response to polls showing that the white working class was enraged at Hillary Clinton.  Arrogance and self-blindness are boon companions.
  • Paying to play in the strategy of contentionIf none of that bothered you then, or even if you didn’t care to pay attention because you blindly trust the officials of the political party with which you personally identify regardless of the outcomes of their actions, then immediately clamp shut your dumb traps you lobotomized pieces of garbage. I hate you and your petty outrage sustains me. My pleasure would be deeper and more satisfying if the Obama-Clinton regime’s body count weren’t so big as to rival the Holocaust you revolting overeducated cretins
  • I do let my anti-Clinton hate get in the way of just as important things: I don't say Fuck Obama nearly enough.
  • An American Poem.


Angel Nafis

Know what the almost-gone dandelion knows. Piece by piece
The body prayers home. Its whole head a veil, a wind-blown bride.

When all the mothers gone, frame the portraits. Wood spoon over
Boiling pot, test the milk on your own wrist. You soil, sand, and mud grown bride.

If you miss your stop. Or lose love. If even the medicine hurts too.
Even when your side-eye, your face stank, still, your heart moans bride.

Fuck the fog back off the mirror. Trust the road in your name. Ride
Your moon hide through the pitch black. Gotsta be your own bride.

Burn the honey. Write the letters. What address could hold you?
Nectar arms, nectar hands. Old tire sound against the gravel. Baritone bride.

Goodest grief is an orchard you know. But you have not been killed
Once. Angel, put that on everything. Self. Country. Stone. Bride.

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