Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Was All and Then Was Silly

  • At home with Benjamin Britten on his birthday. Born 103 years ago today.
  • Vale. Images from North Dakota.
  • Another outrage from North Dakota. Fucking Trump - this would never happen if Obama was still president, or any Democrat!
  • Motherfucking Democrats.
  • Motherfucking Democrats: We also used Hillary’s devotion to inflicting continuous austerity on the working class to explain to a European audience how dysfunctional her enablers in the media and her campaign became. The fact that Paul Krugman was so deeply in her pocket by the time she tripled down on austerity that he did not call her out on why austerity was terrible economics and terrible policy shows us the high cost of ceasing to speak truth to power. The fact that no Clinton economic adviser had the clout and courage to take her aside and get her to abandon her threat to inflict further austerity on the working class tells us how dysfunctional her campaign team became. I stress again that Tom Frank has been warning the Democratic Party for over a decade that the policies and the anti-union and anti-working class attitudes of the New Democrats were causing enormous harm to the working class and enraging it. But anyone who listened to Tom Frank’s warnings was persona non grata in Hillary’s campaign. Read this whole thing, please.
  • Hoax versus ideology.
  • We are all deplorables.
  • Listening to Trump.
  • Why the media cannot deal effectively with Donald TrumpThe concept of “newsworthy” is antiquated in an age where everyone knows that the stuff that’s really newsworthy no one will look at.
  • You'll have to take my word on this, but I read that line above this morning (got it through this morning's links at Naked Capitalism), finally finished the poem below last night.
  • This too shall pass. I agree: be Kind, motherfuckers.
  • God Helmet.
  • #609.

[Tell me I'm wrong...]

Jeff Popovich

Tell me I'm wrong: kayfabe is extinct.
It skipped obsolescence.
Was all and then was silly.

I'm 57
never did shit for survival.
I deserve what I get.


  1. It may be the same thing, but kayfabe is all & everywhere. Alt-Rt => Neo-Nazi kayfabe: ironic, enthusiastic. Irreality of P-E screaming at press mucks. Pervasive meme that Hitlery was the source of all corruption & evil in the U.S. Pervasive focus on minutiae of states' actions & slow functioning of U.S. gov't: "Thanks, Obama." Eight years of relative peace & prosperity (you can't compare a Syrian civil war to Vietnam. Period. Or Iraq invasion. You can't compare 4.9% unemployment with signs of rising wages to 2008 shitshow. Period.) characterized as endtimes & worst it's ever been. Oh no. Irony might be dead, but kayfabe is alive & well. Prepare for potentially 4 years of it.

  2. Also, I shit for survival practically every day—and sometimes more than once. Else I would explode like Terry Jones in "The Meaning of Life." Just sayin'. [winky face emoji here]

  3. Did Yves Smith and a room full of economists in Ireland nail it or what?

  4. This falls under the "Doesn't matter who said it, so long as it was said" -- but, that was actually *Bill Black* and a room full of economists, wasn't it? Shit.

  5. 1)at naked capitalism they aren't quite as clear as they could be about attributions

    as i understand it, the article linked to by our host and referred to by you, although "posted" by yves, was actually written by bill black - author of "the best way to rob a bank is to own one"

    2)on an unrelated topic, while driving missus charley to the metro today i heard a radio commercial that used the occasion of thanksgiving to thank our troops, instead of thanking our creator, in whom we live and move and have our being

    who knows if it's good or bad?

    [but in my opinion, even more militarism is bad]