Monday, November 21, 2016

We Tarried on Corners, We Dallied on Sofas, We Were in *Progress,* Do You See?

Typed out from listening to a new Kate Bush interview, then tweeted out by my friend @davidly.

I tweeted at davidly, I wish I didn't want to write about it.

To be honest, I said to M, formerly known as Hillaryite Friend, I'm still angrier at Clinton/DNC for fucking this up and angriest at myself for being angry those fucks weren't the cunning amoral fucks everyone credited them being. I assumed they were as deviously ruthless as they boasted, she'd spare us the child fascist, lose to the better packaged fascist in 2020 (after a disastrous 2018, I said - o, M said, you heard that one too). Fuck me.

M said, you're mad at yourself she wasn't the cunning amoral fuck I thought she was, I wanted her to win and win dirty if she had to. I said, when details emerge of how fucking fuckity fucked up HRC's campaign was run... But I'm done aggregating every article on how shitty and stupid and almost certainly grifty the HCR campaign was. M said, she's gonna run in 2020, isn't she. I said, even if they have to John Gill here. M is twenty years younger than me, the silly ass Star Trek allusion went barking.

  • M said, after I told her it was a sillyass Star Trek allusion, if you're saying the the motherfucking Democratic Party isn't who will save us from Trump, yep.
  • Another ignored outrage at Standing Rock.
  • Silencing the call to prayer.
  • Feedback loop.
  • Power, Obama, Trump, rinse, repeat.
  • This too will pass.
  • Listening to TrumpOne of the few coastal elites to have cracked the Trump discursive code is the otherwise odious Peter Theil, who told the National Press Club, “the media is always taking Trump literally. It never takes him seriously, but it always takes him literally.” Voters on the other hand, said Theil, “take Trump seriously but not literally.” Bingo!
  • A friend asked that I pick a color that contrasts more with the regular black and bold instead of italicize, so how's that?
  • The pitfalls of (white) Liberal panic: I suspect some of them are incapable of seeing and feeling past themselves, their own bodily integrity, this isolated moment in a long, long history.  The way they are spinning into prescriptions of how and why “we must resist” this particular abhorrence not only domesticates the liberal white riot, it threatens an infiltration of imagination in dislocated quarters that are accustomed to their negligence and generally thankful for their absence.  The white misery desires multicultural company.  Some of the ones panicking in public (online, on mic, on screen) are ready to tell the rest of us what to do, how to feel, and when to move—when in truth, if they felt so motivated, they would realize that their greatest contribution might be to shut the fuck up and get out of the way, because there has been some well thought-out, beautifully imagined, wild shit going on for years now, and some of it entails anticipation of their demise along with—because they are part of—the abhorrence.
  • Why it might be worse than you think.
  • Stop me if you've heard this one before.
  • Yet another problem with demographic politics.
  • In this "great" future don't forget your past.
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  • The Hobo Ethical Code of 1889.
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  • I still haven't bought Bottom's Dream. Though maybe it's time to read Poe for the first time in decades.
  • Five new Magnetic Fields songs from upcoming album.
  • I sent them to Planet. She said what I was thinking: I wish I liked them more.
  • Too many fine metaphors fucking abound.


Roddy Lumsden

When I hurt you and cast you off, that was buccaneer work:
the sky must have turned on the Bay that day and spat.
We’d tarried on corners, we’d dallied on sofas, we were
in progress, do you see? Yet stormcloud bruises bloomed

where once we touched. The walls swam under minty fever;
we failed to reach the long, low sleep of conquerors.
Since I played wrong and you did too, since we were wrong,
we need apologies; for your part in this sorry slip of hearts,

you should walk on Golden Hill at night alone; for mine
I will hang with my enemies, out on the long shore,
our brigand bodies impaled on the horns of our failures,
the cold day casting draughts through our brinkled bones.


  1. 1)kate bush won't write about politics?

    well, steppenwolf did - a while ago, admittedly

    2)i got bernie's latest book yesterday - for more from bernie you could look at


    1. She's written about social politics, gender politics, the politics of war, poverty and hopelessness. It may be that one would have to listen to the interview, to hear the tone in her voice, to fully appreciate her curt answer to that question. Nevertheless, the irony is in the text.

  2. At the moment I can't read or write any more about That Thing. We're all doing that, even when we're not.

    Over the weekend, looking at a collection of short science fiction by Jay Lake -- decent writer. He had just begun receiving attention for his work when he passed away in 2014; in an essay at the end of the collection, Lake spoke directly about his experience of dying, clearly and succinctly enough to remind that we will not live forever, no matter what anyone says.

    So, yeah; we'll all be affected by a fat, obscenely rich Childman, trapped now by the Thing he desired so much, and all the flotsam that follows him. But I'm reminded that it's more about music and cats and all the small things directly experienced, rather than read about or Twitted, and which we find here. Thanks for the Kate Bush.