Monday, December 5, 2016

Here We Are, Stuck By This River, Just You and I, Underneath a Sky That's Ever Falling Down, Down, Down, Ever Falling Down

The three mile circuit called Blockhouse off River Road almost to Seneca to these cliffs over the Potomac is the most hiked trail of my life. Have I told the Phavid Dillips story about this hike from 35 years ago? Of course I have. Earthgirl and I, between errands (it's a gorgeous hike - it's also our cram in a hike when we need a hike but don't have much time hike) and a run to Baltimore for dinner w Planet, cycled it yesterday.

Two reminders:
  1. Winter woods are prettier than green woods.
  2. Gray days are better than blue days for color.

All I want to do is hike in the woods with Earthgirl.

Here, weekend barks:

  1. These fishbone days, this fatty grief.
  2. Clusterfuckocene & Blogorrhea.

Guess what song's in my head. You're right! LOUD! yo.