Sunday, December 4, 2016

Clusterfuckocene & Blogorrhea

  • And then there's listening to lyrics too:

  • Blogorrhea. Trademark. Is me. Is old. The tag. Me too.
  • Chris Hedge's righteous yodel of blame-assigning.
  • (h/t Mongo, who barks more about it here - and whose post's title is responsible for the Cohen again.)
  • The question is, could it have been any other way? Not Trump, not Clinton - or at least not this Clinton. The other one, the one as responsible as any motherfucker on the planet for green-lighting the upcoming late-capitalism, if it hadn't been him it'd been someone else.
  • Again, what Clinton campaigned on was essentially the argument that, Yes, the Clusterfuckocene and it's Kaboom are inevitable, who is better at delaying the crash and forcing a softer-landing, someone with first hand experience managing the Clusterfuck or a barking bozo that will accelerate the crash?
  • So yes, I'm still in a manic phase.

  • I need hasten to add: Clinton's delaying the crash wasn't to spare you, it was to keep you around long enough to squeeze your rents while Triskelion R&D moved from design of Rockets to Mars to building Rockets to Mars and for Vampires to develop better delivery of young blood to desiccated Triskelions.
  • I've written about this before, but months ago I made a conscious decision to drive the speed limit or no more than five miles an hour above the speed limit as an experiment in watching motherfucking humans. Try it. Nothing I've done or thought has done more fine metaphors abounding for the irrevocable trajectory of and inevitable ending of the Clusterfuckocene. Humans suck.

  • So we hiked yesterday, Banshee Reeks, a nature preserve in Loudoun County south of Leesburg I'd read about. Was OK, better than OK, but not worth the traffic to get to if I'm not taking the Toll Road and not worth the $16 in tolls to and from.
  • More Szymborska for the Clusterfuckocene.
  • Walt Whiteman.
  • Faux News Channel.
  • Maggie's weekly links.
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links.
  • I am incapable of reading novels, for the first time since I started reading novels I'm not even trying. I'm four-fifths through Tunnel, three-sevenths through Sot-Weed, these are two of the novels that most influenced my world view and they've proven again on this re-read to be as foresight filled as at first read and all I can read is poetry now.
  • A side-effect of not reading novels is blogorrhea. A side-effect of blogorrhea is not being able to read novels.
  • I do want to give fair credit to my motherfucking eyes, especially the left one, for their participation in my inability to read novels.
  • I gave Sot-Weed to Earthgirl when she asked me to give her something to read last night. We'll see.
  • Lordy, I love Hey Colossus.

Weldon Kees

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  1. Thanks for the go-look-see. And, fuck it; I'm going to work on a painting.