Monday, December 26, 2016

I don’t have any sentiments would somebodything thirst my quench how about about my mediocrity of character?

I got socks & pistachios, a new coffee-maker, a ! woodcut, a ! poster, a clock of my neighborhood (I live at the compass), a pickling jar, quill & inks! an excellent haul.

I've two stories from yesterday I wish I could share with you. Both are sweet, make me smile, neither a winking-snark I imply I want to but can't share with you. I'm trying not to do that winking-snark shit anymore, how'm I doin? One story I'll share if I write it right. The other I might if I write it right and get necessary OKs. If you don't see anything it's not I didn't try.

O, Olive - she's also still a kitten (she's sixteen months old), Earthgirl and I are playing with her as much as we can (still not enough for Olive) but her being bored, as much or more than MomCat being in the house, may be the issue. I moved the piano and found all her pipe-cleaner toys, she's chirping this morning, not hissing.

  • Run of birthdays starting tomorrow until the 31st the New Year's Day George's New Year's Day song.
  • Waiting for registration.
  • Against the politics of fear. One of my Hillaryite Colleagues constantly badgers me for not being more agitated at what's potentially coming down the road. Is weird, I say: somehow the lack of a vibrant, viable alternative gives me resignation, if not peace.
  • Though the overwrought disappointment at Olive's heel-turn is related. 
  • As is the posting on the three or four slowest days - slower than Thanksgiving this year - in Blegsylvania, though I don't take it as personally as once.
  • Fake news and the post-Trump media.
  • Pynchon's Christmas bugs.
  • I understand how the people following me on twitter goes up and down - bots and non-bots follow and leave - but how does the number of people I follow change if I don't add or delete anyone? I even understand how it could go down - perhaps twittercides disappear when they self-disappear - but how does the number of followers go up if I add nobody?
  • On Alice Notley's Benediction. I can vouch.


Alice Notley

I don’t have any sentiments
would somebodything thirst my quench
how about
about my mediocrity of character? I dance
with the dead divinely
                                 in my dreams
I’m stricken deaf when I mention it my babies
cry they want everything quick! here. un-
                  as character should be
      like the purpurine it needs must be carved in,

Have you heard of the roguess elephant with the
brilliant diamond eyes? She is the puppet
of the dictionary
                           where is her beautiful orange
            puppy foot!   
                                 When your father dies
he doesn’t let you swoon   
                                       into aventurine or spray
of lily (pearls) of the valley
you do not bifurcate
                               you may
                   play yourself to your camp heroine
self—play it Lady play
       but delete no matter
       thank you for breakfast
       today we will visit with the ear syringe
       be the current density   
                                           honey flower
                                           ice egg
I love you as a fan loves air. oops it’s I
                vice-versa I
                                  told you about that
                           She is a bezel
                           awaiting the plop of a
                           ruby she must grow

and I can’t end and I can’t lie
               He held him in his own heart then
               may I in my eye now me


  1. reading the review of alice notley you linked to, i was intrigued to see robert johnson mentioned, and discovered that a song of his appears in The Oxford Book of American Poetry, specifically

    Me And The Devil Blues
    Robert Johnson

    Early this morning
    When you knocked upon my door
    Early this morning, ooh
    When you knocked upon my door
    And I said "hello Satan
    I believe it's time to go"

    Me and the Devil
    Was walkin' side-by-side
    Me and the Devil, ooh
    Was walking side-by-side
    I'm going to beat my woman
    Until I get satisfied

    She said "you don't see why
    That I will dog her 'round"
    Now baby you know you ain't doin' me right, now
    She say "you don't see why, hoo
    That I would dog her 'round"
    It must-a been that old evil spirit
    So deep down in the ground
    You may bury my body
    Down by the highway side

    Baby, I don't care where you bury my body when I'm dead and gone
    You may bury my body, hoo
    Down by the highway side
    So my old evil spirit
    Can get a Greyhound bus and ride