Thursday, January 12, 2017

my wheat in sulfur what stones do I use


  1. Well, it's Little Jared Kushner's world; we're just allowed to live in it, for now.

    Bauman: "Bauman's social thought treated nationalism of all stripes as a contingent phenomenon that waxes and wanes with the movement of what he eventually termed 'liquid modernity'... the runny, viscous, impermanent state of the modern condition."

    The Phil Spector Of Democracy: How your frequent flyer miles may vary depends on the context in which the image is placed. Having said this, liberal elites -- like puffy Bundist right-wing billionaires and their minions -- suck, unto death.

    Deep State: To paraphrase Tolkien; It's difficult to know when these dark wizards are plotting together, and when they're just trying to cheat each other (Nice to see the Whisky Bar is open again).

    Sarte, de Beauvoir, Foucault, and a Dog walk into a bar...

    Fetish Trump: (Yawn) Who cares? Does no one see that he could commit a live sex act with a goat, right on the dais at the Inauguration, and no one would be surprised? Literally, no one? And if you consider the currents and themes in American history, and the development of Global capital since the end of WW2, Trump is the most perfect Form of the Destructor we could have chosen.

    Bowles: But you speak of feelings as though they were monolithic, as though they never shifted and altered through the years.

    C.S.: 'Gillian Read'.

    Thanks for the linky love.