Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Skin Needs a Cut Before It Heals

  • Rest in Peace, Hymie. I don't think he ever met my avatar, but I could be wrong.
  • Last month, at the eyedoc, Do you know you are going blind? he shouted, three times. Yes, I said. Why aren't you more concerned? he screams.
  • Enjoy is the wrong word for my attitude toward the trumpsterfuck. I don't mean enjoy in the sense of glee. I'm not glad Donald Trump will be President of the United State in, what, eighty, ninety hours from when I type this sentence. Suck will be. One week from now, holy the fuck - hell, they could Reichstag the Inauguration and declare Martial Law by sunset. The Executive Orders he farts the first 48 hours (with full Tweetzkrieg). I'll still find these the most fascinating, compelling political times of my life.
  • This is true: Planet went for her eye exam, he screamed at her about my eyes, ran extra tests on her because of my eyes..
  • I enjoy going to the eyedoc - when he shoots the lights into my skull, when I see the photos of my eye nerves.
  • See.


  1. i liked these cartoons

    dr trump saying "everyone will be covered"

    tom tomorrow's take on trump

  2. Also too re eyedoc metaphor, written but excised from main post:

    Eighteen years ago I had a heart attack. I thought it was heartburn. When the doctor came into my Emergency Room tent and told me it was a heart attack, a serious one, good thing I got to the ER in time, and as I was being wheeled to the ICU (I can walk, I said, no you can't, they said), as I was being butterfly-cathetered in both arms, tethered to two blood-pressure machines that alternatively squeezed first left arm then right, and was advised by nurses and doctors of my dire status when I'd make a joke, I didn't enjoy it in the sense of glee but, but I was fascinated and - no other word for it - bemused by both the situation I ended up in and by my utter powerlessness to alter my circumstances once I found myself there (or to redo whatever I did that delivered me there). I never panicked, I kept up my snarky smarter than you oneupmanship my loved ones hate I do but forgive me, never worried I could die despite my doctors' relentless insistence I could. What is wrong with you, don't you take this situation seriously, they asked, strongly implying my not wracking myself with terrified anxiety was a direct contributing factor in my impending death, or perhaps if I started flat-lining I hadn't the proper attitude to fight for my life. Then the two angioplasties (the first to diagnose, the second to fix), complete with excellent buzz from the drugs meant to distract me, were a hoot. What SUCKED! was two nurses ripping off the tape holding the catheters to my hairy arms. Faster the better, they said. My right leg was gorgeous with bruising from the angioplasties, where the snake went in.

  3. A) Eyes: Not sure what the appropriate level of concern is. Am concerned that with Bottom's I'm doing a Bad, via 'Law Of Unintended Consequences'. Eyedoc sounds like asshole. Twice.

    B) North American Man-Donkey Love Association. Hopefully they don't also have a poet of international renown associated with them, as Ginsburg was with, uh, that other one.

    C) Aieee. Actually, going out on a snark is preferable to some other choices. It may not be The Proper Attitude To One's Own End, and I understand situations like that are dead serious (pun intended), but let's face it: We have no idea what's going to happen. And if Snark has been how you stand, then you go, dogg.

    (I can appreciate that, though. There's a funny story involving three other individuals and myself, a 'D' Model UH-1 helicopter, and a pilot who thought loudly playing Kenny Rogers' version of "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town" while on a medivac run was an ironic commentary on the place and time. Sucked also.)

    Happy you made it, though, so you could do the needfull for Yours, the cats, and coincidentally put stuff up here.

    D) Thanks for Da Linko.

    1. Thank you again for Bottom's. I can't read it lying in bed, I read at table, I can see! Open to any page, it's gorgeous.

      I'm in better shape now at 57 than I was at 39, so how bout for once a fine metaphor abounding hits jackpot (with pay-out).

    2. A) Good. I found a copy, used (and, pristine) from the Reviewer's shelves at Green Apple Books, Kiddietown's best Indie bookstore. It sits on its own table and stares at me in its Germanic way ("Ven you haff de Ballz, herein kommen, Alter Dummkopf").

      B) Ka-ching! And while I can't claim to be in better shape now than when I was ever been, I enjoy knowing my current shape is way better than Il Duce's.

  4. That sucks, man. I didn't know it was so "serious". Can anything be done to save your eyes?

  5. To a great extent the eyedoc was trying to scare me into (a) being more devout in my eyedrops and (b) prepare me for the possibility of eye surgery. He is bombastic and dramatic, but I *have* lost approx 25% of vision (mostly on the peripheries) that will never come back. I am now properly concerned and diligent and will do what's necessary to avoid knife surgery on eyeballs. But the metaphor is valid.

    1. One of my boys told me recently he wanted to go ahead and get bionic eyes fairly soon. They're, apparently, a thing. I'm not so sure. How soon is the question? Again with the abounding metaphors.

  6. Sorry to hear about your eyes, I hope they can be saved. It's a good thing you got to the ER after your heart attack. My mother wasn't so lucky. After her heart attack, which she dismissed, we couldn't get her to go to the hospital until a week after the event and that's what caused her death. Her organs weren't getting a proper blood supply for a week and even though the open heart surgery went well her organs gave up the ghost and she never woke up after the surgery. I'm glad you're still here, stay well. Bebe is doing well, he's eating again despite the chemotherapy so I'm hoping against hope that the chemotherapy will get his cancer under control, time will tell. I don't want to lose him. Best to you and yours.

  7. 1)one thinks of montgomery python's "always look on the bright side of life"

    link to official lyric video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_-q9xeOgG4

    if snark is what floats your boat, then snark 'til you sink

    2)eye doctor in question seems to care, or least enact behavior consistent with such an internal state - and according to patient self-report, intention to adhere to instructions has gone up - so his communication technique could be evaluated as effective - similarly his additional attention to someone who shares risk factors with you is justified

    3) in The mind illuminated: A complete meditation guide integrating Buddhist wisdom and brain science, culadasa (john yates) argues that the unilluminated mind assumes that "happiness comes from the interactions between my Self and this world of things", whereas the illuminated mind has realized that "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional"