Wednesday, January 18, 2017

an excruciatingly fab-YOU-lous, exploded-plethora-of-produce

Yay! You RITE!! Gotta lotta subtle, stupendous, supersonic, sassy, savvy, kick-ass elixers and electronic elegance on our YOUTHwitheTRUTH blogs. N'joym, dood. 
CAUTION: our 22ish, wildchild, accurately-atrocious, metal-breadKrumm-blogazms R a total waste-of-time, yet, a total wealth of bottomless sophistication... yet, 97.79% loser-like-qualities. How so? Who else has actually seen the Great Beyond in person and lived to tella youse bout the bionic, bloted, brevity-like-earth we're living on now - precisely the illusion of an umbrella: if you dont got it, toots, you dont got it.
But, yet, Seventh-Heaven's an ultra-great-reward, an excruciatingly fab-YOU-lous, exploded-plethora-of-produce, prize-at-the-end, explosion-of-reality with extravagant treasures few R asking for anymore: they're much too concerned withe exploits of the piss-ants.
I'd break-free, dood. Wiseabove. Wanna join this sinfull mortal Upstairs for the most zany, kooky, par excellence, extremely-exquisite-and-explicit ethereal endorphins in abundance; physically, picturesque antidotes; puh-lenty of pulverizingly-tantalizing psychopathic, psycho/somatic, kick-ass, ultra-mongo-maximum-rocket-
fuel-party-hardy at my place ya ever encountered 4 an eternal slew of precarious, magnanimous & primeval absurdities etchedin the granite corridoors of eternity with a total-barrage-of-melt-in-thy-mouth infinte indulgence ...???
Make Your Choice  -SAWGain altitude, dude, NOT attitude

Hat by Earthgirl, best spam comment (or IS it spam? - I'd like to believe it's not, and even if it is it's the most Serendipitous - or serendipitously botted -  spam) ever by kold kadaver flatline - Thank you!

UPDATE! Per request:


  1. 1)with regard to the invitation to fun, fun, fun from your correspondent, i find myself wishing to juxtapose the sentiments from "nature boy" - i like nat king cole's version, missus charley is a fan of bobby darin - "the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"

    2) and to some extent apparently contrariwise (to one's limited perception), i wonder if you would consider doing the next selfie topless

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    1. I comply. There's a reason all but three posts a year are tagged My Complicity.

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    1. Yes, one of the reasons I think there's a small chance this isn't spam, but if it IS spam and a bot, it's Al Gore Rhythms are excellent.

    2. Yeah. It's Hoth stuff (