Saturday, February 18, 2017

The New Absence Is Always the Same

  • The violence of the universal.
  • We're hoping deep spooks will save us from the Walking Fart?
  • We pretend the Washington Post & CNN are noble gazettes who will save us?
  • We yearn for Pence normality?
  • No one expects bupkis from the Democrats, the motherfuckers.
  • This is true about my glaucoma - I can now see shades of red I never could see before.
  • It's like that now with hate - I now see so many shades of hate I could never see before, most in the mirror, but my Hate Palette has never been so vibrant!
  • Fuck me, the dog performing for sausage nibs when I sit down good at a stoplight.
  • We're hoping Capitalism will save us? Wall Street and Exxon are going to save us?
  • No wut?

  • Stoner. Is a good novel, especially for English majors.
  • I blame my age, my eyes, my diminished attention span, my digital reprogramming, and more for my reading famine, and all are variables but something is different. It's not that I don't read as much word and time-wise: I start a novel, BANG!, then not only cannot finish it, can't conceive of finishing it by midway. Like, get away.
  • The fuck?
  • Poetry needs a revolution.
  • RIP wood s lot.
  • RIP wood s lot.
  • Some of Colin Newman's favorite music
  • I haven't had a Wire cascade here in months, will fix soon.
  • The Broderick beneath the Notwist song is the Traditional Egoslavian Med for the Notwist song below.
  • This Notwist song is the Traditional Egoslavian Let Me Emotionally Cripple Myself for Days Anthem. 

Philip Larkin

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  1. 1)speaking of professors doing controversial things, a professor at a local institution of higher learning declined to teach this past thursday, as part of "a day without immigrants" - he himself is an immigrant from a south american country - he came to class and distributed a statement he had made and chatted a bit with the students - interestingly, although he teaches music theory, when looking at the sheet music for "while my guitar gently weeps" he didn't know that C6 referred to a c major chord with an added a - he plays viola and conducts classical music - he doesn't concern himself with lead-sheet symbols, saying "when the students get into jazz ensemble they'll learn about that stuff" - and yet the text he has assigned has an appendix on lead-sheet symbols (appendix b - appendix a is about instrumental ranges and transpositions, and appendix c is a seven column table of numbers titled "set class list", which includes forte numbers, prime forms, and vectors)

    2)another immigrant i know, missus charley, went to work that day just the same

    3)speaking of hedgehogs, as larkin's poem does, our friends at wikipedia say

    Although traditionally classified in the now abandoned order Insectivora, hedgehogs are omnivorous. They feed on insects, snails, frogs and toads, snakes, bird eggs, carrion, mushrooms, grass roots, berries, melons and watermelons. Berries constitute a major part of an Afghan hedgehog's diet in early spring after hibernation.

    3a)larkin's poem states that he feels the absence of the hedgehog

    lately i have been feeling the absence of my last cat

    all things must pass, all things must pass away