Saturday, February 4, 2017

What Is the Poet's Job Out of Numbed Slumber?

  • Jess, the one cat I've never bonded with even a little. I blame me. I tried again last night. Same.
  • I long ago learned that when I really don't like someone it's because he reminds me of something I don't like about myself. Jess - is too fucking needy. I have this blog.
  • Five characteristics of totalitarianism.
  • Trump today said, I paraphrase accurately, my friends think regulations preventing them stealing your retirement savings suck, so fuck that, poof, regulations gone.
  • No one is flooding the streets in protest.
  • Democrats are not barking in protest.
  • The only threat to Trump is if he fucks up the looting.
  • Trump will be permitted anything but fucking up the looting. 
  • Motherfucking Democrats: The most credible explanation for the popular turn to the right – there are plenty of examples of people who voted twice for Obama but then for Trump – was offered by the Italian legal scholar Ugo Mattei. As he sees it, the resemblances between Trump and Berlusconi run deep, and in both cases the appeal derives from popular cynicism more than credulity. The voters have come to understand that the big banks, along with investment companies like Goldman Sachs and transnational corporations, are sovereignties as powerful as states and in some cases more powerful. By vesting a billionaire with extraordinary power, therefore, the voters are going straight to the relevant authority and cutting out the middle man – the politician.
  • Dupes, deplorables, opportunists, Democrats.
  • Mike Pence sabotaged Donald Trump's plane to hijack the vice-presidency in the name of Christofascism?
  • I don't buy Pence removing the alternator from Trump's plane so Pence's wife could win Pence VPOTUS w coffee cake, but I do buy Pence as Christofascist.
  • DAPL, indigenous American tribes, Wells Fargo.


Anne Waldman

All the world is one, like an angry deity’s essence dropped in
      the ocean
becoming monstrous: what happens Mumbai happens Paris
What happens Vicenza U.S. Base or Prodi, Kyoto Accord, XL
advanced warplanes to Japan—what happens?  Egypt, Yemen,
NASA’s five space probes or Aurora Borealis where we study
      shimmering light
What happens on the Lunar New Year
I want to know, Professor, are there names for these mercurial
A lexicon & vibration touch the complexity of gestural motion
What happened with Augustine & his mother in Ostia?
I want to know what happens Nicea 325 perhaps God creates
      the world!
Let’s go back and check this out: Ex nihilio ardore/splendore
Europe still riding the pull of Zeus a nuclear reactor not
Heads coming off in cruelest acts, unspeakable
And how that is part of your story too—flooding in
in Morocco, in Indonesia a part of you all suffering a part of
What happens Rwanda, Darfur, Chad, Ukraine, glaciers
      shrinking what happens
when carbon-capped bombs fall on Natanz? on Bushehr
What is the poet’s job out of numbed slumber?
Entering post-poet-modernity I gave my larynx a workout
Started chanting for the redemption of Irreparable
Om Ah Hum for the Year of the Shy but Cunning Metal
Inshallah O Peace Brutal Year of the Wooden Horse
The Gentle Sheep Year O Help us Now, Shalom Ah Hum,


  1. 1)re pence

    if our country purges putin's puppet, we end up with president pence

    who knows if it's good or bad?

    2)Augustine & his mother in Ostia

    After his baptism, Augustine and his mother planned to return to Africa. They stopped to rest in Ostia, where St. Monica fell asleep in the Lord at the age of fifty-six. She was buried at Ostia, and her holy relics were transferred to the crypt of a church in the sixth century. Nine centuries later, St. Monica’s relics were translated to Rome.

    In his book, “Confessions,” Augustine wrote about his reaction to his mother’s death: “If any one thinks it wrong that I thus wept for my mother some small part of an hour – a mother who for many years had wept for me that I might live to thee, O Lord – let him not deride me. But if his charity is great, let him weep also for my sins before thee.”

    In the West, St. Monica is considered the patron saint of wives and mothers whose husbands or sons have gone astray.

  2. No one is in the streets over this issue. No one (in a broad sense) appears to understand when you walk or are pushed through doors, they can close.

    In Europe, the crowds in the streets would be in the hundreds of thousands.

    I always assumed the christofascist angle about Mikey. Palin would have been Veep to an older man who could have unexpectedly begun to have health issues. Atwood's been pretty accurate in what her antennas pick up and I've also assumed we'd end up the Republic of Gilead at some point.