Monday, March 13, 2017

ITIWRaFSoPitQ, or: Who Were Towed Out of Sight By a Whale

  • ITIWRaFSoPitQ = If true, it would represent a fundamental shift of power in the quadrant.
  • ITIWRaFSoPitQocene: Tell me what happened last Thursday that changed everything. Friday.
  • Yesterday, Iowa Republican Congressman states while all babies must be carried until birth only white ones shouldn't be killed immediately placenta cord is cut. ITIWRaFSoPitQ? No.
  • Cuomo positioning himself for Democratic POTUS 2020 run? No x no x no x no x no.
  • I may be reading Moby Dick again. ITIWRaFSoPitQ.

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  1. the end of chapter 7 of moby dick reminds me of the following: