Tuesday, April 25, 2017

And If You Could Have Any Object You Desired You'd Be Tired

I have started writing again, in a tablet, with a pencil.

You're a vindictive person, a Hillaryite Colleague said to me yesterday. Vindictive? Other than baiting people who enjoy baiting me back (as once me and this HC did), what harm have I wished upon the Clintons other than they go the fuck away?

I'm a vindictive person, I said to M, and told M the story. M said, you're not outraged enough - M pounded M's chest - morally repelled enough at Trump to embrace the Perez. We reached out and tugged on the other's left earlobe with our right hand, wringing taffy. Your Perez is not strong, I said. Nor yours, said M.

There's new Guided by Voices!


  1. and speaking of desire, here's a story of dream synchronicity i heard yesterday in the hallway at the music department of m_________ c_______

    the classroom is locked before maestro s______ arrives, so we music theory students gather in the hallway - the youngsters chat among themselves and I comment rarely

    from time to time a fellow who carries a guitar stops to chat although he does not attend the class - perhaps his individual lesson is at the same hour somewhere else in the building

    when i arrived at the gathering - half a dozen people around, approximately - he was telling the story of his first date with a coworker he's had his eye on for a while at l___'s (a local pizza chain - I thought they may have a dozen locations - actually, it's over a hundred now, including a few as far away as the carolina's and florida - the one closest to me in m_________ v______ is number 36 - the lowest numbered location outside of dc-md-va is #90, in wv)

    the night before the occasion the guitar player had a dream in which he arrived to pick up his date at the family home and was told he had to wait - the grandmother was there - more and more people began to arrive and it became a big party

    the next day he actually goes to the house, which he had never been to before, and it is THE SAME as his dream

    he does have to wait, and is asked to move his car from the driveway because THE GRANDMOTHER is coming and will need to park there

    they go do whatever on the date (possibly specified before i got there, or else i just don't remember)- then he says "let's go get something to eat - maybe it seems a bit strange but I'd like to go to l___'s" - she readily agrees - one of their managers is their server - when they are finishing they are told - "we accidentally have an extra pizza - you can take it away" - the fellow looks at the sparse attendance in the restaurant at that time and the small number of pizzas waiting for takeout and deduces that the "extra" pizza is NOT an accident, but rather a favor from the manager - then the girl and he go on to something else, again I forget what

    I did not make the obvious remark that if his hypothesis is correct the pizza was in effect stolen - the bible advises not to muzzle the kine who tread the grain (cited in 1 corinthians Ch. 9 - originally in deuteronomy Ch. 25) - there is a qualitative difference between a free pizza and a truckload of tv's being surreptitiously taken out the back

    the fellow says he considered telling the girl about the coincidences, but didn't want to freak her out

    i said to him "the stars are with you" and he said he hoped so

    i have encountered the saying, "is such a thing as destiny - but continue with your own plans, and if they are in accordance with destiny, you may reap a rich reward"

    the overture to verdi's la forza del destino is at

  2. 1)speaking of pigs, as the next posting does -


    2)and speaking of animals, spouse and self saw this on netflix last night


    the title character strongly resembles our first cat Pau

    the movie has won awards

    spouse and self like movies where the good end happily and the bad unhappily - as oscar wilde said, that is what fiction is for - although the movie is "based on a true story" and bob is said to appear as himself - for some of his scenes - although there are also many alternative feline actors credited as well