Saturday, April 1, 2017

As We Grow Out of Our Bruises

My GoCard's magnetic strip, after 21 years, stripped bare. I can't get into the Library via the loading dock. I should embrace the omen - and the fine metaphor abounding - it is, but...

I get a new card Monday. I can't keep the old card, so archiving here where no one will see it.

21 years ago I wore a face-mullet (and thirty extra pounds), the dumb motherfucker. Gray at 36. I could buy beer at Chris' shack back of restaurant in Gaithersburg by Hobo City when I was thirteen, people can vouch.

Seeing Lambchop tonight, I'd offer you the ticket I still have, but you don't want it.


Sloppy Heads opening, which I knew and looked forward to - what I didn't know until just now is Jesse Jarnow, one of my favorite WFMU DJs, is a member! Hah!