Thursday, March 30, 2017

I Say Nothing When Asked

Major announcement yesterday at Just Another 1970s College or University Brutalist Library: Top Boss of Building retiring. I'd promised myself just that morning (like I promise myself every morning, and fail) riding the elevator to cube, to keep my fucking mouth shut no matter fucking what, everyone quick asked me my thoughts on

  • That's right, Death to the Either/Or. Like here, deemed an unsatisfactory response there too.
  • The things I can't write about here.
  • The things I don't feel like writing about here anymore.
  • The Ids of March.
  • Off the rails.
  • Dark State.
  • The Democracy Collaborative.
  • A Tao of Politics.
  • Trump and Healthcare.
  • The Future of Universities (part one).
  • Via Compass Rose, was pointed to a new Selected of Larry Eigner. Bought.
  • An Alternative Universe.
  • Murname.
  • Was checking a setting this morning for this shitty blog, got this message: Warning: HTTPS is currently not available for custom domain blogs. If HTTPS Redirect is turned on: Visitors to your blog will always go to If HTTPS Redirect is turned off: Visitors to will be served over HTTP, an unencrypted connection. Visitors to will be served over HTTPS, and encyptted connection.
  • Once this would have freaked me out. Fuck it.

[from the sustaining air]

Larry Eigler

from the sustaining air

fresh air

There is the clarity of a shore
And shadow,   mostly,   brilliance

                the billows of August

When, wandering, I look from my page

I say nothing

      when asked

I am, finally, an incompetent, after all


  1. I took my godson to a park without playground equipment. He looked around with an are you fucking kidding me? expression, then said, "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing." Love that kid.

    Meanwhile, I'm Waiting for more clarity and trusting, stupidass that I am, that it will come. And so live in the interregnum, though no monarchs are involved. Arooo, and for the linky Thank You.

  2. that kid's sense of humor will come in handy - may he be well, happy, and at peace

    and speaking of putting up with and even possibly enjoying whatever comes down the pike, i liked this by ian welsh, which he first published in 2014 and recently reposted

    ...It is perfectly natural to be angry. It is even useful to be angry. Anger or rage are adrenaline shots to the system. They push you to do what must be done; to tell the truth; to push ahead, to tackle the big enemies.

    But they are toxic in the long run. Like adrenaline they are useful for shots of energy, but if you are angry all the time at anything, it will hurt your body and eventually your mind. You will burn out, and if you aren’t lucky you may burn out permanently or you may die.


    All of this is understandable. In a certain sense it is even rational.

    But a hot cup of chocolate on a frosty night is still sweet.

    As bad as things are, so much of the world is as it always has been. The still contentment of sitting with one you love, saying nothing is still available. The sunset is still beautiful, and if there are fewer birds, their trills still delight.

    The flowers are as beautiful, the russet and scarlet leaves of fall still adorn the trees, and a clean drink of water still refreshes. Children playing still bring a smile to my face, and I still enjoy pulling a comforter up and cracking open a new book. There are still beautiful women and handsome men, there is still kindness and charity in the world; there is still art to make and books to write and songs to sing.


    But I say to you now this: endless anger or despair; or a mixture of both do you no good, soon do your enemies no harm (and yes, they are enemies); and serve not whatever cause you’re interested in unless you’re willing to risk permanent burn-out.

    And besides, where’s the fun in being miserable? No matter how bad the times, there will always be good periods; moments and beauty and happiness to delight in. The wine is as sweet in evil times as good; love is perhaps even sweeter in times of despair; and beauty never dies and can always be found, if only, sometimes, in our own minds.

    It’s banal to say we’re here for a short time, but it’s true. Fight the good fight, to be sure, but then delight in the sensual pleasures and love this world offers.