Thursday, April 20, 2017

Make the Cancellation & I Got Numb

The Clean was put in my head. That above, Lordy. Please play LOUD! Three more below the fold.



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  1. speaking of pointing things somewhere else -

    i am currrently taking music theory from maestro s______ at m_________ c______ - and in his freewheeling and discursive style of discussion he, fairly often, expresses hostility to organized religion, even while explicitly recognizing that, in terms of musicians earning a living, historically the church was the principal or very important source of funding during most of the common practice era

    for example, earlier this week, in his jocular way, in a discussion of "evidence" for believing something, he said, as an example pf a belief that lacked evidence to support it, "i could say i believe in mermaids, and that your life would be better if you believed in mermaids too" - perhaps some of the naive youngsters did not understand this as an attack on religion, but it was clear to me and i am sure also to the next oldest student in the class, like me currently a member of a choir, a woman whose career goal is to be a minister (not just m. of music, but even a pastor - she is a protestant) - one of my personal goals has been to become a strong enough singer to be a volunteer cantor at my own congregation - although as the plausibility of this subjectively recedes i now wonder - could i compose psalm settings? or sometimes - could i play cocktail piano in the lounge at the holiday inn?

    how does one deal with the hostility expressed towards one's core values by one's cheerful and friendly professor?

    i have been thinking - and may express thoughts along these lines to my fellow mature student - that we need to consider maestro s______'s background - he is from a latin american country where, while he was young, there was a us-sponsored violent overthrow of a democratically elected government, which was replaced by a long-lasting authoritarian regime, supported by right-wing elements in the church

    and by "authoritarian regime", one doesn't mean merely "a government that throws people into prison for long terms for minor offenses" - one means "a government that murders thousands of its opponents"

    so i hypothesize that maestro s______ (who was even an altar boy in his youth, he has told us) has come to his anticlerical attitude in a very understandable way

    he also hates musicals, he says - he can't stand the falseness of their optimistic attitude

    this reminds me of a robert zimmerman song, "dear landlord" -

    please heed these words that i speak
    i know you have suffered much, but in this you are not so unique

    may the creative forces of the universe have mercy on our souls, if any