Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Meanwhile, See Tags


  1. speaking of cats, and of the struggle to see more clearly, follow more nearly, and love more dearly -

    your last posting had a nice cat photo

    here's something i wrote to a college friend of mine, traveling through this area on Friday, who wrote proposing we have dinner - after pointing out a nearby holiday inn, and homewood suites by hilton, i offered him hospitality at our house, with the following disclaimer, among others -

    It has been over two months since our elderly cat, who had become confused about the right place to relieve herself, has gone to her final resting place in the back yard, and as far as we can tell it's no longer apparent when you enter that she used to live here (but we were used to it, of course)

    a few days ago i broke my glasses by sitting on them - the only spare ones i have are from pre-bifocal days - i can drive with them on, but reading while wearing them is impossible

    other than that, in general terms i am well, happy, and at peace, and hope this finds you the same

    1. All's fine, just don't feel like doing this for the moment. Nothing momentous, nothing Dark, nothing significant, nothing forlorn, nothing symbolic: just feel like shutting up for the immediate present. Will pass, sooner rather than later, probably.

      Posted today to assure those loved ones and friends analog and digital who worry something's wrong w me or E or P when I don't post for more than a day. All's good - I've discovered I'm not required to post every day, or every other day. minimum. Who knew.