Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Pilot's License Is a Fossil

Yes I said I wanted square images on Blogtop, but saw this in timeline yesterday, it's Hamster. He's never mentioned this.

This is true:

  • Politics to Prejudice (in Bierce's Devil's Dictionary).
  • I have no idea what happens today regarding Comey's testimony or the British election. I suspect I and my friends hope for some small Fuck You! will have a smaller fuck you if a fuck you at all.
  • I am, however, for now, as in as I type and post this sentence, going to try to stop finding significance in each and every spectacle. 
  • Spectacles affect us by numbing accumulation and acculturation. 
  • Each and every spectacle is baby aspirin as event. Shame about the too-often carnage.
  • We are being reprogrammed.
  • Life in the Tinyfuckyouocene.
  • Yorkshire and West Virginia.
  • Got hollered at yesterday by Hillaryite Colleague angry I started the Hillary-owned-slaves meme. It was petty of me, sorry.
  • This is true: yesterday, at the public computers, two users, one a regular, one I'd never seen before, got into a standing screaming you want to come at me motherfucker situation, and I, I shouted HEY! CHILL! (say witnesses) and speed-walked out and inserted myself between their Bring It Motherfucker! and kept them apart (as each wanted me to keep them apart) until GUPD arrived. 
  • I didn't know they wanted me to keep them apart until each signaled relief I'd keep them apart.
  • The fuck? 
  • It's a good The Fuck. A make-me-laugh The Fuck.
  • Today in Motherfucking Democrats.
  • I am a common fossil.


Alice Notley

None of it’s there that you cared for, so familiar
furniture and paintings. The medals aren’t there either
I’m still there but it isn’t; I’m here; sword,
I have sword — imagine — and disguising protect-
ive the ancient helmet. Her head was cut off
nonetheless. The man brought the head along
to the doctor: the head said to. Shouldn’t we
bring the body I asked in case he wants to re-
attach them Oh, the head hadn’t thought of that.
What do you have instead of a body, there?
We have a wholeness of perception what we are
asking you to do for us, write down our poems
creates a body. Otherwise our body ... isn’t
that we aren’t sensuous ... but we decohere,
you must understand that the universe
is always developing or changing its face — 
body — whatever; we have always been it
but it’s never quite right ... pilot’s license;
my pilot’s license is a fossil, you said. We
need yours. We need your license.
When Momma first, the very first hallucination
that the decompression tube in her stomach was black ...    
It isn’t black I said over the phone well I thought
it was she said, not being fanciful, and I
was in a motel in Colorado at the time. Whose head
was it really I repeat. For we never leave here
and nothing fossilizes but stonelike mossy
patterns might be made, colors transformed
walk to the hospital, everyone’s mad at me, who cares?
It was my whole soul transported and all its certainties
that I existed, beneath all the legends, otherwise
as joy.


  1. It's true--I've been Nationalized. It's also true that I had lunch with Landru yesterday at the Olney Ale House. He drove us back to Georgia Avenue/Route 97 via old Batchelor's Forest Road, which was posted as an Historic Rural Road for the first time to these eyes. I thought of you. I also remembered that this was a drinking road (a la Ten Mile Creek) for Rustyman and me. A Good Day.

    1. Batchelor's Forest is one of MOCOs great strange roads, up there with Hawkins Creamery and Whites Store.

  2. 1)i'm glad the shouters were glad you stepped between them

    1a)do you have metal detectors at the library entrance, and security guards, to discourage the entry of guns and knives?

    2)"pilot" and "fossil" remind me of james tate - specifically "the lost pilot", his first book of poems, and the pterodactyl wing in the poem "lost river" - tate's text and my attempted exegesis are in the comments at

    2a)speaking of "lost", in the gospel of thomas it is alleged that jesus advised, "let one who seeks keep seeking until one finds" - and the saying goes on from there

    1. Nope, no metal detectors - and no searches. In all the time I've been here we've had no knife or gun incidents in the Library. This is the first time on 28 years I've had to physically intervene between patrons. Was weird, finding myself do it without stopping to consider what the fuck I was doing.