Friday, June 2, 2017

Pie I Bought Yesterday at the 3 Dog Bakery


James Tate

They ask me if I've ever thought about the end of
the world, and I say, "Come in, come in, let me
give you some lunch, for God's sake." After a few
bites it's the afterlife they want to talk about.
"Ouch," I say, "did you see that grape leaf
skeletonizer?" Then they're talking about
redemption and the chosen few sitting right by
His side. "Doing what?" I ask. "Just sitting?" I
am surrounded by burned up zombies. "Let's
have some lemon chiffon pie I bought yesterday
at the 3 Dog Bakery." But they want to talk about
my soul. I'm getting drowsy and see butterflies
everywhere. "Would you gentlemen like to take a
nap, I know I would." They stand and back away
from me, out the door, walking toward my
neighbors, a black cloud over their heads and
they see nothing without end. 


  1. 1)when missionaries knock at my door i recite to them "the prayer of st. francis" - so far no one has hung around for the homily on the topic which i glad to extemporize

    2)i really like tate's poem about the conversion process, "it happens like this"

    see comments at

  2. Wow! thanks for the link. I figured I'd fallen off your radar after several months of unannounced interweb silence. And yes, I welcome beta readers (recognizing now your personal predilection against being same).