Wednesday, May 31, 2017

All I Do Is Dick Around the Sun Goes Up the Moon Goes Down the Leaves Are Green the Leaves Are Brown and All I Do Is Dick Around

▲'s  most posted video on this blog by a factor of X. ▲'s the Egoslavian Bleggalgazing Anthem, has been since Day One, people can vouch, today High Egoslavian Bleggalgazing Day. Chris Elliott is 57 today.

  • I am not blogforlorn.
  • Maybe only I think so, but I don't yodel for yodel's sake day to day like once.
  • This post is live until the next post.

  • Linkless more, not for lack of fishing, though I'm not compelled to fish as once.
  • Blegsylvania be always dying.
  • Linkless more: I can post linkless posts.
  • Tablet is active, just not here, and not there either, though latter may change.
  • Most log-dancing days of our lives, you don't want to yodel now.
  • I speak only of me, who is small.
  • This is the longest I've gone without changing template in this shitty blog's lifetime.
  • Forgive me, I like the way this shitty blog looks, posts.
  • Thank you you who visit here.
  • Yes, bullets for monologues.

The two other Egoslavian Bleggalgazing Anthems ▼ Reminder: The Archers of Loaf is this shitty blog's official Theme Song. It's so fucking self-indulgent to think you'll like this song.


  1. if all goes well, you will soon have an opportunity to examine a book of drawings and captions by a noted contemporary american novelist whose name you have mentioned at this blog recently

    also included - something else, completely or substantially or significantly different - which i enjoyed more than the former book - but ymmv

    this morning i thought about something i wrote about a movie that chris elliot had an important role in - see my comment at

    may the creative forces of the universe smile in our general direction

    1. The dog ate your comment. Or maybe it's the wrong link.

    2. no, it was the right link; however, as it states at

      Harvard law of animal behavior

      when stimulations are repeatedly applied under precisely controlled conditions the animal reacts as it damn well pleases

      a cached page displays what used to be there, for a limited time only

      my best guess is that my comments, which are intended as friendly, value-added footnotes, are seen by some as annoying intrusions

      the remarks under the "post a comment" heading at the blog in question - which have been added in recent years - support the latter interpretation

    3. once my remarks seemed welcome at that site - for example, an apparently cheerful exchange of comments back and forth at

      this was also nice:

      google asserts that it finds about 120 instances of my web moniker there -
      the earliest seems to be

      all things must pass
      all things must pass away

    4. comparing my findable comments at jon schwarz's a tiny revolution(about 900), here (700), and fafblog (over 50 - but most of the comments there have been lost) i came across this photo gallery from the washpost i linked to years ago - events earlier this week in kabul have given it renewed relevance

  2. synopsis of groundhog day - the musical