Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Running for That Bus, I Cry, Hold That Bus Called Happiness

David Thomas, one of two permanent members of My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game, is 64 today. Probably. Wiki says it's his birthday and that he was born in 1953. And I've a vague memory Steve, Pere Ubu drummer and twitterer, confirmed last year, as in 2016, but who knows, who cares? Doesn't matter, today is his High Egoslavian Holy Day, and this the traditional post.

2016: Holyfuck - look what I found - Linda Thompson sings Ubu's ▼ Do you know I tweeted out excitedly and thought everyone would Holy the Fuck! .

2017! I tweeted it out excitedly last night too, I mean it's Linda Thompson duet with David Thomas on possibly my most air-guitared Pere Ubu songs of all time. And then I excitedly tweeted out an embed to the brilliant Thomas/Thompson collaboration below. What a dope.

Lots of Pere Ubu - and other Thomas projects - here. Thanks for the requests, I think that link above covers most of them, though mostly it's I hadn't the chance....

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