Monday, June 5, 2017

Sixty-One Today

Richard Butler is sixty-one today. I've ALWAYS loved The Furs - people can vouch, but lordy, Love Spit Love.

Yes, it's the same song redone and redone. I love this song.

Yes, whatever key he's singing in is the key I sing in, the octave he has is my octave.

(It's the same key as George's, George's octave half an octave above mine.)

Yes, it's my hairshirt that for all I listen sing to music I've the world's worse singing voice. People can vouch.

More songs HERE.

Yes, I swapped out All That Money Wants for this, my most air-guitared Furs song:


  1. Well, we saw them at the Ontario or some other Adams Morgan joint on the Forever Now tour, didn't we? Maybe with M&M on their Danseparc tour, I think? Or maybe with the Slickees. All fog now.

    1. Yes, Ontario Theater, Furs, Simple Minds, Martha & the Muffins (and then saw Martha & Muffins next night at old 930).

  2. and speaking of singer/songwriters loved by some, not all -

    1. Thanks for the books! That Atticus Lish notebook looks horrifying, though I haven't really sat down with it yet - will when done with current read.

      Dylan sucks. Hugely. A fraud and a plagiarist and a song thief.