Friday, July 7, 2017

Pierre Henry, Rest in Peace

  • Rest in Peace, Pierre Henry.
  • I was playing the Psyche Rock at my desk this morning and the Striker overheard the piece and told me, O! that's the theme song to Futurama, a TV show I've never seen but was highly recommended (if I remember correctly) by Mr Alarum. If it wasn't Mr Alarum in was Omar. Now that I think about it, it might have been both but I'm thinking it was Omar, who the Striker and Mr Alarum never met. I had no idea Psyche Rock is the theme song to a TV show. I don't watch TV, as I no doubt told Mr Alarum and/or Omar. It's a shame Mr Alarum and Omar never met, they'd have been friends. I love the piece for the bells, Henry loved bells, I love bells. Lots. I love Herny's music for all the noise, his and all his influenced.
  • I am not allowed to play most of Henry's music on my iPod when Earthgirl is in the car.
  • Fabio's playlist from yesterday.
  • RIP, Pierre Henry.
  • RIP. Pierre Henry.
  • More links when I find them, more pieces in next post. Or not.