Saturday, July 8, 2017

That Time May Find Its Sound Again, and Cleanse Whatever It Is That a Wound Remembers After the Healing Ends

  • That's Teddy, rescued by Rob and who rescued Rob. Click that link, yo.
  • Today's Saturday, a good day to be rescued by a cat or dog that needs rescuing. 
  • UPDATE! We saw two rescue pitbulls on hike today, including a beautiful pink/brown one year old male on his first hike with his lucky human. Once the old cats pass, once one of us retires.....
  • Ol' Dirty Bama's Catzilla be end of days.
  • Be Kind, my motherfuckers. Even to humans who aren't loved ones.
  • I haven't done this in a while, but send me your cat's photo. Or not.
  • Rest in Peace, Ed Griffin, a good guy, an unofficial uncle of Earthgirl, husband of Jane, Earthgirl's unofficial aunt and lifelong bestfriend of Earthgirl's mom Joan. 
  • Ed and Jane's daughter kept an open house for neighborhood ferals in the Griffin basement: our liked-but-not-loved Jess and our beloved Fleabus! were rescued from that colony the two times MOCO Animal Control showed up to thin the herd because of neighbors' complaints. 
  • Once upon a time every post at this shitty blog had a Fleabus photo. Click Ask Fleabus.
  • Serendipity be Blessed. Uncanny, too.


Weldon Kees

Change, move, dead clock, that this fresh day
May break with dazzling light to these sick eyes.
Burn, glare, old sun, so long unseen,
That time may find its sound again, and cleanse
Whatever it is that a wound remembers
After the healing ends.


  1. i have reread the story of teddy several times

    i am reminded of a song which peter rowan wrote and sang in his rock group 'earth opera'

    my sightless eyes
    my tongue of stone
    my soul is free above
    the one redeeming word i've found
    was love

  2. browsing through the ask fleabus postings i came across your link to this elizabeth drew piece from october 2016

    as yogi berra could have said, you never know when something surprising might happen

  3. I was also pleased to read Rob's comment. Always good to hear from him, and good to hear of cats enabling each others' happ'nin'ness.

  4. @ BLKDGRD,Hey thanks! Fleabus is a sweetie, like your pictures of Fleabus. Regarding feral cats, the county I live in finally figured out that killing feral cats was not only cruel but ineffective in controlling feral cat populations. Now they trap them, neuter or spay them, give them shots, and clip the tip of one of their ears off (maybe not so nice) so that they know they've been already treated and release them back in the wild. Turns out this controls the feral cat population much better than killing them. Duh.

    @ Davidly, thanks for the kind words, I have been still visiting your site and reading your creative posts.

    @ Mistah Charley, you were right about the aspirin, works better than the Tylenol I was using. Thanks.

    1. Good to hear that about your county. We've three ferals, Napoleon getting by far the most air-time here. My county doesn't pay, but there are local organizations that will, for $25 (then, when we did this ten years ago) for males, $50 for females, shots, clipped ears, etc. They were wonderful.

      This reminds me - there hasn't been a feral catfight on the neighborhood listserv since May. Soon, though.

  5. I noticed your fondness for Napoleon. We have some organizations like that here as well. Makes me think there's still hope for humans yet. Some of them take in unwanted cats and give them a home until they can find an owner who'll take care of the cats. They won't give the cats to just anybody rather they try to find the right person and match them up with a cat with the right personality. They also take care of any health problems a cat might have before they find a home for them so it might cost a prospective owner more than getting a cat from the shelter. But I decided on the shelter not because of the money but because those cats have a harder time being in the shelter and finding a home. Thankfully the shelters here no longer put cats down but keep them until someone takes them. Still, a very sad place, I wanted to take all of them but couldn't. Still, after I finish moving and get more settled I might get more from the shelter. But I worry about them getting along and vet bills are expensive, we'll see. I'm thinking of senior cats as they have the hardest time finding a home.