Friday, September 29, 2017

Secreting Life Anew into Our Every Tissue Moribund

The University Librarian's last day. Did she jump or was she pushed? People politely ask the question, know the answer is to the right of the or. Library-wide email this morning provides today's Stupidass Star Trek allusion:

I apologize for the early hour of this last minute request.
A.... has been removed from this list temporarily as I send this request to you.
Today will be A.... last full day in the office and we wanted to send her off with an applause. 
If you are available, it would be much appreciated if you would join us outside of the library at 3:40 pm.
  • Please line up in two lines as you exit the library on the 3rd floor. 
  • Peggy will walk A... out around 3:45 pm and as they walk through, we will applaud A.... to show our appreciation for all she has done for the library.
I will send out a reminder and an update at 3:30 pm to notify you of any changes.

  • Tasha Yar's stupidass identical Romulan daughter, aged 23 and in command of the entire Romulan galactic military, will not make an appearance at Artemis' disappearance.
  • For the record, Artemis has always been kind and generous towards me, and she didn't have to be. This was done solely because the stupidass Star Trek allusion makes me laugh.
  • Abandonment and despondency.
  • Poetry needs weird subjectivity.
  • Nine: a bleggalgaze of sorts, partly.
  • Moved a bunch of the moribund to Mor(e)ibund, including you, Thudner, and you, Frances, so I can see if you ever float to top of a blogroll again.
  • > Deleted bleggalgaze <
  • Let's see, who's said no to free Pere Ubu concert tickets for November 9 DC show? Wife, daughter, son-in-law, friend, friend, friend, you.
  • Look what came in mail yesterday!


Scott Cairns

A psalm of Isaak, amid uncommon darkness

O Being both far distant and most near,
             O Lover embracing all unlovable, O Tender
             Tether binding us together, and binding, yea
             and tenderly, Your Person to ourselves,
Being both beyond our ken, and kindred, One
             whose dire energies invest such clay as ours
             with patent animation, O Secret One secreting
             life anew into our every tissue moribund,
             afresh unto our stale and stalling craft,
grant in this obscurity a little light.


  1. I remember le père Ubu! I read Jarry's stuff at university. Great fun.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I do know of the Jarry play, but the six tickets are for the band (whose name is one reason why I know of the Jarry play) above the comments.