Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Anything Round Enough to Last

  • Tickets, I got them for the 11/9 show in DC. You probably still won't want one, but rumor has it the opening band will be Mission of Burma. C'mon, fellow grandpas and grandmas.
  • Consciousness: An Object Lesson.
  • Stop eating animals.
  • Gluttonily greedily.
  • 12-gauge rapture.
  • Jeff Bezos came up with Amazon after reading Ishiguro?
  • Feudalism is the new conservatism
  • Lispector for those who do or who like me should more.
  • Windows. Cats.
  • All objects live. Some are even alive.
  • I'm not gonna lie: the new Pere Ubu, 20 Years in a Montana Missile Silo, is not so much disappointing as underwhelming. Though the line-up remains the same as the in the Orange Period (Long Live Pere Ubu, Lady from Shanghai, Carnival of Souls - which I love love love), this is the first album in The Dark Room era of Pere Ubu. Each listen gets better, but I do love love love the Orange Period albums. I will expand and grow.
  • This will be the last time I ask - I don't want to badger - and I only asked today because I found the poster above and heard about Mission of Burma this morning.
  • Mission of Burma?

A.R. Ammons

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  1. I wish you were in Berlin. I'd go to a lot more concerts than currently.