Monday, October 9, 2017

We Don't Care What Flag You're Waving. We Don't Even Want to Know Your Name. We Don't Care Where You're From or Where You're Going, All We Know Is That You Came. You're Making All Our Decisions. We Have Just One Request of You. That While You're Thinking Things Over, Here's Something You Just Better Do: Free the People Now - Do It Do It Do It Now, or: Born Seventy-Seven Years Ago Today

I never need hear a Beatles song again except for George's two great songs off Yellow Submarine (and I can wait a decade or so before hearing them again), and I can do without hearing most John solo songs ever again, though I do still love love love the above, but John's birthday still needs noting. More songs here.


  1. in 2002 john was number 8 on a bbc list of the 100 greatest britons - in between elizabeth the first and admiral horatio nelson

    number 1 was sir winston churchill

    number 2

    Isambard Kingdom Brunel
    1806 – 1859

    Designer of the Great Western Railway, Clifton Suspension Bridge, SS Great Britain and numerous significant ships, tunnels and bridges. A prominent figure during the Industrial Revolution which began in Britain, he revolutionised public transport and modern engineering.