Sunday, December 24, 2017

They Have Not Grown Tired Only Discovered Their Mistake

Two days ago was Rick Nielsen's 69th birthday and yesterday, as Landru reminded me, Adrian Belew turned 68 and DC's own Jorma Kaukonen 77. I knew about each but didn't post their traditional birthday cards.

Not a blog stunt for bleggalgaze, not a deliberate omission, not even a choice, as in I chose not to post them. I looked for what I posted on the blog last year - this is how I remember birthdays - noted the three imminent birthdays and then worked on yesterday's post and never thought of the birthdays again until Landru texted me. That doesn't mean these songs haven't been in my head.

  • I am telling you three times, we are being reprogrammed.
  • Re: kayfabe: shocking ain't! though endlessly instructive in a cut-me way, and funny! 
  • as in pints of Fuck Me.
  • Reminder: Kayfabe Restoration Under Pence. The hosannahs. In the works.
  • But first, more Trump assholosity, my, your, your heroes complicity scratched openeder.
  • My retirement account some fuck will steal in five to ten years got a chubby on tax bill passing.
  • So, flickering between happy dark versus hit Jeff Sessions with a shovel anger versus my complete inability to shut the fuck up I forgot the birthdays.


Don Coles

There is a narrow endless place
Where the earth has frozen; on this
They live at unbelievable speeds
While it is light and when it is dark
Different ones, ten times longer
And composed mostly of yellow air
The same width as the frozen place,
Live there instead; these in spite of
So much greater length behave about the same.
You cannot dig there. The next day
They all come back, they have not
Grown tired only discovered their mistake.
Who knows what purpose this has?
When we go into the frozen place
They become angry and kill us. They never
Stand motionlessly for minutes erect
And when being so deprived they grow
Distressed or weak they smash one another.
They have no idea how fragrant and far down
Home is.

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  1. I always notice the maroon. Who wouldn't notice the maroon?