Saturday, December 23, 2017

Go There and Rest from the Ragged and Rapid Pulse

  • My giftmas present to myself. They're gorgeous. They go w/me to My Sillyass Deserted Island.
  • My apologies for recent angry binge farting.
  • Neoliberals used to call themselves New Democrats.
  • Urp: motherfucking Democrats.
  • Anyone who bitches at Trump for breaking kayfabe wants kayfabe restored.
  • An Atheist's Explainer for Roy Moore: Discovering one does not know the plan is undermining in a supremely powerful way, since it rubbishes the story one tells one’s self about her life. Think of the narrative you use to explain all your decisions to yourself, the cause-and-effect you take for granted as your autobiography. According to God, all that is wrong. It’s a distraction, and it needs to be ignored. This view of religious faith sees normal consciousness as a kind of mental illness, a firm and decisive break with God’s reality. “But to this day the Lord has not given you a mind that understands or eyes that see or ears that hear” (Deuteronomy 29:4). And you never know what kind of story God is using your life to tell, since even His own son had a violent end. This mystery is the madness at the heart of all religion. Roy Moore should know that.
  • Substantial planes.



A.R. Ammons

The very longest swell in the ocean, I suspect,
carries the deepest memory, the information of actions
summarized (surface peaks and dibbles and local sharp

slopes of windstorms) with a summary of the summaries
and under other summaries a deeper summary: well, maybe
deeper, longer for length here is the same as deep

time: so that the longest swell swells least; that
is, its effects in immediate events are least perceptible,
a pitch to white water rising say a millimeter more

because of an old invisible presence: and on the ocean
floor an average so vast occurs it moves in a noticeability
of a thousand years, every blip, though, of surface and

intermediacy moderated into account: I like to go
to old places where the effect dwells, summits or seas
so hard to summon into mind, even with the natural

ones hard to climb or weigh: I go there in my mind
(which is, after all, where these things negotiably are)
and tune in to the wave nearly beyond rise or fall in its

staying and hum the constant, universal assimilation: the
information, so packed, nearly silenced with majesty
and communicating hardly any action: go there and

rest from the ragged and rapid pulse, the immediate threat
shot up in a disintegrating spray, the many thoughts and
sights unmanageable, the deaths of so many, hungry or mad.


  1. The problem is this: 'Neocon' is what neocons call themselves. They have an academically developed economic philosophy and political ideology. They define themselves as such. 'Neoliberal' is a term people throw at people they disagree with and resent. It's namecalling, labeling, meant to provoke an emotional reaction. It has no U.Chicago School of Economics backstop, e.g. No one I know of calls themselves that. So, please continue to use and link to it, but do acknowledge it's use as insult—which, of course, is your purpose. And I must agree with the next link: it is equally as awful that an elected governor would (GASP) use corporate money for an inauguration party as, say, Donald Trump installing his kids and cronies and self-dealing and criminality into office. So, yes: whataboutism is devastating propaganda.

  2. as 2018 approaches, i thought this was interesting:

    The Politics of the Republican Tax Bill: A Dissenting View
    By JOHN JUDIS Published DECEMBER 21, 2017 8:49 AM

    I am not a fan of the new tax bill that the Republican Congress passed. It will widen the gap between the wealthy and everyone else and increase the likelihood over a decade or so of another crash. And it contains all kinds of unpleasant ancillary provisions, such as the one killing the Affordable Care Act’s mandate. But I don’t buy the argument – voiced by Democratic pundits, political consultants, and even a few economists – that the bill will doom the Republicans to defeat in 2018 and even 2020. Like many things I read or hear these days from liberals, it’s wish fulfillment disguised as analysis....