Saturday, January 27, 2018

You Are Sleeping, You Are Sleeping, I Will Make You Be Sleeping

Olive, last night, chased out of bedroom before we went to sleep: she likes walking the bookshelves in the dark, chewing on books, knocking shit out of the way to get to the tastiest books. She likes walking the window sill above our heads on our pillows and leaping just over our heads onto our chests. She likes batting the chain on the lamp next to my side, talking to it all night.

Busy w shit I can't and don't want to think about, much less write about even if I could write about it here, and it's time to move MES' tombstone down from top of page, and I can't fucking sleep with or without the cats, haven't slept well in two weeks, so that, and cat filler posing as fine metaphors abounding, are today's bleggalgaze substituting for today's bleggalgaze.

Then there's Stanley, who likes rooting under the bed, Rosie, who sleeps in Earthgirl's hair, Fleabus, who is the Best Cat Ever, and Jess, who won't shut the fuck up. Some nights five cats in the bedroom are five too many. To get them out at three in the morning, kibble bribery.


Matthea Harvey

The ham flowers have veins and are rimmed in rind, each petal a little meat sunset. I deny all connection with the ham flowers, the barge floating by loaded with lard, the white flagstones like platelets in the blood-red road. I’ll put the calves in coats so the ravens can’t gore them, bandage up the cut gate and when the wind rustles its muscles, I’ll gather the seeds and burn them. But then I see a horse lying on the side of the road and think You are sleeping, you are sleeping, I will make you be sleeping. But if I didn’t make the ham flowers, how can I make him get up? I made the ham flowers. Get up, dear animal. Here is your pasture flecked with pink, your oily river, your bleeding barn. Decide what to look at and how. If you lower your lashes, the blood looks like mud. If you stay, I will find you fresh hay.


  1. speaking of the great hedgehog, that mindbinding swiss trip ends with a drink ordered and served

    it reminds me of:



    A RABBI, priest and a minister walked into a bar in a small Iowa town -- but nothing funny happened.

    "When I saw the three of them walk in," bartender Joe Blobonski says, "I thought to myself, 'This is gonna be good.

    I mean, this is the setup for thousands of jokes, so I figured something hilarious is about to happen."

    But the results were disappointing.

    "They sat down at a table, and didn't say much."

    Blobonski says he expected to burst out laughing when he took their order.

    "The priest said, 'I'll have a Virgin Mary.' Then the minister said, 'I'll have a Bloody Mary,' Blobonski says. "I could barely contain myself, waiting for the rabbi's punch line.

    "But then he says, 'I'd like a Diet Coke,' A Diet Coke?

    THAT'S not funny. I couldn't believe it."

    At another point the rabbi asked, "Do you get many rabbis in here?"

    Blobonski says, "I said 'No,' waiting for the rabbi's hysterical comeback.

    "But all he said was 'too bad.' "

    The three religious wise men quietly drank up, paid the bill, and left.

    "It was really pretty boring, to be honest," Blobonski added.

    Weekly World News of September 5, 2004

  2. While for me, Cats don't have a gravity well to get pulled into (as Dogs do, in my case), I'm comfortable around Cats, now. But it took work.

    The Best Friend, who has a Cat Gravity Well, reports that back in December, Gloria Steinem remarked that one response to sexual harassment is "raise girls more like cats."

    Thanks for linky.